Featuring: Ananke Jewelery by Danna Gussman


Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post featuring and ETSY shop so I’m excited to get onto it! This time I’ll be featuring beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery from Danna Gussman, her ETSY store is called “Ananke Jewelery”. Her store consists of affordable yet gorgeous necklaces and earrings and she ships worldwide so no one is missing out. On top of that, she is currently having a sale until 31st August and I have taken the liberty to add that information to this post for y’all in case you’re interested:

ANANKE SUMMER SALE!!!! From today untill the 31st August:
Buy 1 necklace and get 10% off with coupon code: 10SUMMER
Buy 2 or more necklaces and get 20% off with coupon code: 10SUMMER
Prices shown are BEFORE discount.

You can tell her store and work is much loved by many people as she has over 3600 admirers as well as a clean 5 star review (by 49 people). This undoubtedly is a great indicator of the quality of her work. Anyway on to my five favourite pieces from her store, which I honestly had a hard time picking!


First of all I picked these earrings, I love the pattern on it and think it’s perfect for spring and summer. I can just imagine pairing these with my white and navy romper and how gorgeous it would look! Furthermore, since it is of a darker colour it is much more versatile and would be easy to pair with any outfit, casual or more dressy.


This necklace caught my eye due to the gorgeous amber colour and glow it gives off – I can imagine how amazing it would look in the sunlight. This necklace definitely gives of a more boho vibe and would be perfect for music festivals or even on an autumns day when you feel like sprucing up your outfit.

il_570xN.659108625_gu0eAs I was browsing through her store, this necklace drew my attention. It looks vintage, intricate and somewhat mysterious. I love the spiral pattern and the added detail of the black ‘splashes’ – that’s what makes it interesting. This would definitely be a compliment grabber when worn!


Now we all know how much I love layering my necklaces and the fact that this a popular trend currently is even better. You don’t need to worry about all your necklaces becoming tangled up throughout the day as this one comes in a set and is much more easier to take care of. What I love about this necklace is the large token/pendant with fine detailing and the colour scheme. This would have to be my second favourite out of the lot!


This necklace without a doubt is my favourite. I love the simplicity of it yet the gold trimming makes it look elegant and sophisticated. Since it’s black and gold, it would be super easy to pair with any outfit, however I do feel as if this necklace is more suited for important events or going on dates to add a bit of edge to your outfit.

NOTE: You can click on the words ‘earrings’ or ‘necklaces’ under each photo if you’d like to see more photos and details on them – I have provided a hyperlink to that item in her store.

Even though I have only talked to Danna a few times via email, I can tell she is such a wonderful, sweet person. So definitely do not hesitate to contact her if you have any further questions about her store! Here’s a small blurb from the  ‘about‘ from Danna’s site, I particularly found the origin of her store name really interesting.

Welcome to Ananke Jewelry.
My name is Danna and I make jewelry for special people around the globe!
Creating, drawing, taking pictures and communicating
is a perfect combination of things I really enjoy.
All the creations are born in my home studio. I also work in a travel agency and dream about visiting a lot of beautiful places 🙂

Check out Danna’s store and connect with her:

To me, I feel like her store consists of boho, somewhat vintage yet fashionable pieces. What are your thoughts on her work & leave a comment telling me what your favourite piece is!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Amy x

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* I do not own these pictures, they belong to Danna Gussman.

** This was a sponsored post.


  1. Wow I love all these pieces. 😍 My favorite is the layered necklace. It reminds me of the Mirror of Twilight from ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’. I’m a geek, I know. 😂 But it’s true!

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