Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel + Night Concentrate Formula

Hi everyone! I’ve got yet another review for you all today and this time it’s on the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I decided to splurge on this during the 3 for 2 sale after I heard Judy from itsjudytime raving about it & saying it’s her favourite moisturiser. However, as much as I tried to love it, it just didn’t work out for me. I bought the day time and night time pack – the only difference between the two is the night time one has a thicker consistency and also small blue beads in the forumla (as shown in the picture below).

2015-03-16 20.24.39

Hydroboost Water Gel & Night Concerntrate.

2015-03-16 20.25.08

The night concerntrate one has a blue lid, the water gel has a greyish lid.

2015-03-16 20.25.44

Inside the Night Concerntrate one.

So I use these daily, in the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to bed/after my shower. I have been using them for about a month now and the results are disappointing to say the least, especially because they cost a ton.

The Water Gel states: A refreshing, silky gel formula that doubles your skin’s moisture in just 1 hour.

Night Concerntrate: Releases moisture throughout the night so you wake up with soft, hydrated, supple skin.

Price: $25

Pros: The main pro about this is that it absorbs super fast and leaves no sticky feeling on your face – it absorbs in seconds. It has a slight scent to it, which is not sweet but is sort of refreshing which is nice. The packaging of this item is gorgeous – it looks luxurious in its glass container and the lid is extremely secure, I’d definitely give this 5/5 for packaging.

  • Absorbs ultra fast
  • Lightweight on the skin
  • Aesthetic + spill proof packaging

Cons: The biggest disappointment and the main purpose I bought this was to moisturise the dry spots on my face, which my Nivea one couldn’t do [click here to see a review on that]. This moisturiser doesn’t make any difference to that sadly, after half an hour on to three hours I see the dry patch again clearly – which is such a disappointment. The last con is that for such an expensive price, it only comes with 50g of product, whereas my Nivea one which costs about $10 comes with 200g of product.

  • Does not effectively moisturise dry skin
  • Expensive
  • Small amount of product
  • Not travel friendly

Recommend? I really wished and tried my best to love this product, but I just can’t, thus I wouldn’t be recommending it to anyone unless you have heaps of money to blow or if your skin isn’t that dry – I suffer from eczema and quite dry skin, but even the night concerntrate one doesn’t help; and for such a high price I would have expected greater results but it basically has the same results as my Nivea one.

Rate: 3/5

Hope you guys enjoyed this short review and ahh I’m so disappointed by this product, especially because I spent $50 all together on them! Anyway, let me know if you’ve tried it and whether it worked for you – because I’m sure this would be a holy grail product for some, just not me sadly. Let me know of some other moisturisers which are affordable yet effective because I’d love to try them out.

Check my “About” if you’d like to know details about my age group, skin type, etc which will help you gauge the effectiveness of this product on your own skin.

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  1. Bummer it didn’t work out for you! But thanks for the review! Its good to know if products dont work and why 🙂 also my bf has eczema so I have several recommendations of things he’s tried 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the review. By the way, I have a very sensitive and dry skin just like you. I’ve been using Organ oil by Josie Maran for months, and my dry patches all gone away. You can buy this as a gift set at Sephora, it’s really affordable. And also at night time I use Laneige night cream, it’s the best for dry skin, you will love the result with just one day. Hope you find it’s helpful. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the review. Anyways I have sensitive and dry skin too. And I’m using Josie Maran organ oil, and it’s work like magic for me. Oh I also use it together with Laneige night cream, you will feel the different with just one night. This is my real experience, hope you find it helpful 🙂

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  4. When you do reviews like this one, could you please at least say your age range, skin color, or other facts that might affect its effectivity to the skin. And when did you try this, during winter, summer, etc., etc. I think those conditions will have an impact on the results.

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    1. I’ll post it here for you just to make it easier:
      My details regarding reviews:
      Age: Under 21
      Skin type: combination/oily
      Skin colour: medium/olive
      Skin concerns: eczema, sensitive skin


  5. It sucks when buying the product there’s no mini sample to it 😦 bummed that it didn’t work out for you. $50!!!! Oh goodness. Well thank you for the review though, at least you tried it and see what it’ll feel like on your skin and if it works or not.

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      1. That’s true and that’s what I find with some products I buy. I read reviews about them online and think, yes that’ll suit me, but later when the product is bought and tested, it’s failed to work on my skin. xx

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  6. Thanks for a thorough and informative review.

    As an older woman prone to wrinkles (and needing to get on top of this again really soon), I have found a lot of good results in simply using a few drops of olive oil on my face at night right after I wash my face. This moisturizes, and fills in the wrinkles. In the morning, I follow it up with a honey citrus mask (about half or a full teaspoon of honey with a few drops of fresh-squeezed citrus) with a bit (maybe one quarter to one half teaspoon) thrown in to absorb the excess oils and really cleanse the pores. It works wonderfully well. When I take the time to do it. I have been meaning to write about this on my Special Creation blog (, but have not gotten around to it yet. There are a number of simple recipes with items most people have right in their kitchens.

    Of course, for vacations and other over-night trips, it is good to have something pre-packaged to use on your face, but the only thing I have really enjoyed long term is a few of the facial products offered by Burt’s Bees. They can be found in a number of pharmacies and other stores. Wal-mart and Target here both have them.

    I hope this helps.


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    1. Thanks for your kind comment! I do use rose-hip oil every once and a while and I believe it works quite well. Also have heard many great things about burts bee’s products – I should really give their skincare a go! xx


  7. If your looking for a good moisturizer or night treatment try wexler. Very expensive but it was the first brand that worked for me. Thanks for the review! I’m always searching for something cheaper that works…to bad this one doesn’t work 😕but knowing is half the battle!

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      1. welcome! wish I could recommend somthing cheaper. :/ Im really big on getting things cheaper becuase I KNOW it does not cost them 50 bucks to make a moistrizer. even if its in glass packaging. NOT WORTH 50 bucks! sigh but it works so we pay. but its wrong! especially for something like serums that you can go through so fast!


  8. I recommend Cerave Moisturizing lotion. I use Tretinoin and another exfoliating agent…and this is the only moisturizer that hydrates my skin, due to the fact that it’s manufactured with the ingredients your skin is composed of. Goodluck.

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