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Hey guys!

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More Makeup?

Just had to share this funny picture with you all that my friend tagged me in – the struggle is real, but a little more can’t hurt…right? ;). How many of you can relate? HAHAHA!


Check out my first giveaway here: https://vogueinfatuation.com/2015/03/22/featuring-craftiveleather-first-giveaway/

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Featuring: Debra Lynn Meija

Hello everyone!

Today I’ve got a post featuring another ETSY shop: Debra Lynn Meija! She is a fellow blogger who also specialises in illustration and design – her ETSY shop is full of gift tags, post cards and paintings! I personally think they’re adorable and she is very talented, her work shows precision and is of high quality. Here are some works by her which are my favs (you can click on the title of each piece for a direct link to it in her shop):

Okay, so how cute is this post card? I just love the overall colour scheme and the perfume is amazing (sadly I don’t own it, but I have smelt it before, not to mention the packaging is gorgeous!). This is perfect for sending a post card or a gift to someone – you also get 10 in a pack with complimentary “pink lemonade” envelopes and pink ribbons as seen in the picture. This one is definitely my number one pick!

Ever in a dilemma of how to present & wrap presents nicely? (Story of my life.) These gift tags are cute and affordable. I love the illustration of the posh lady and even more so the birds eye view of a present behind her, which definitely accentuates the theme of the gift tags and just looks plain adorable.

Now onto the artworks:

I chose to feature this artwork (as well as the others) as they all would be perfect for decorating your vanity corner or even your room. I love the vibrant, eye-catching colours in this painting and definitely think it would add a little spice to your otherwise empty walled room.

This one would probably have to be my second favourite piece from Debra, as I am a nail fanatic – I absolutely love doing my nails and trying all the cool nail art out there (anyone else?). This work would look gorgeous above your nail polish cabinet/shelf (if you have one) or just anywhere around your room. I love how it has a variety of nail polish colours and just makes it fun to look at. These also are available separately, for example if you just wanted a painting of the red nail polish, it’s available in her store.

Lastly, a piece which truly show cases your love for makeup, especially lip sticks! This piece is cute and quirky, once again perfect for your vanity corner. I love the variety of colours depicted in the painting, which makes it aesthetic. These are also available in separate pieces.

If you’d like to purchase any of these of browse the rest of Debra’s wonderful work here are her links:

Also she has got an offer for the month of February, which offers free shipping to all US residents. The coupon code is: FREESHIP10.

Let me know which piece was your favourite!

Amy x

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* These pictures are not owned by me, they are owned by Debra Lynn Meija. This is a sponsored post.


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Hi guys!

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you gorgeous people! I can’t believe how fast 2014 flew by, and I also cannot believe 2015 is the year I graduate. Time is flying by so fast. I hope that 2015 is a year of success, blessings and happiness for everyone. Once again, happy new year and please go ahead and tell me what your new year’s resolutions are down below.

Amy x