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How to Fix Flaws; Simple Solutions

Flaws. We all have them. We all know we have them, and we know what they are. Even celebrities, often described as flawless, have them and are reminded of this on social media daily. And it’s worse when other people point them out. Like we don’t know? And like they could say anything to us that’s worse than what we think when we look in a mirror? (more…)

How To: Look Stylish for Every Occassion


When special occasions come around, they deserve to be marked in style. Some of them don’t often happen at all – while birthdays happen annually, weddings are hopefully less frequent. Graduation ceremonies might be once in a lifetime, or more often depending on details. So there is something of a hierarchy, but the key point is that if the occasion is special, your outfit should be too.


How To: Regain A Youthful Appearance

Picture1.pngHey guys!

It’s no secret that youth and beauty go hand in hand, and so it can be devastating as you age to see your good looks fade. There are plenty of tricks to keep you looking youthful, so you can maintain your confidence and feel as attractive as you always have.


Tips for Styling & Maintaining Your Hair!


Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post on tips for styling your hair. If you’re keen to see what they are please keep reading!

We all know that blow drying, styling can do a number on your precious locks, and hair that is of poor condition is notoriously difficult to style. So it’s a bit of a vicious circle. We do all of this stuff to get good hair, but it can actually damage our hair in the long run! So what can we do about it?


How to: Fix A Broken Compact


Hi guys,

Long time no post but I thought I’d quickly share this useful tip on how to fix any broken compact, whether it be your bronzer, blush or face powder.


Beauty Hack #1: Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo?!


Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d share a quick beauty hack with y’all and yes, believe it or not you can use baby powder as an alternative to dry shampoo if you’ve run out and urgently need some or if you just want to try it out. It really does work, I used baby shampoo to soak up the oil in my hair even before I used dry shampoo!


Tips On How To Stay Organised!


Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d make a post on how to stay organised. Personally, being organised is one of my fortes and one thing I’m quite proud of myself for. Prior to high school I thought everyone was organised but I soon found out that not many people are, the ones I knew anyway. All my friends used to do their assignments the night before/finish them off the night before, which I didn’t know how because I become really stressed and normally can’t sleep properly unless I do it a week before it’s due LOL.