Tips On How To Stay Organised!


Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d make a post on how to stay organised. Personally, being organised is one of my fortes and one thing I’m quite proud of myself for. Prior to high school I thought everyone was organised but I soon found out that not many people are, the ones I knew anyway. All my friends used to do their assignments the night before/finish them off the night before, which I didn’t know how because I become really stressed and normally can’t sleep properly unless I do it a week before it’s due LOL.

Okay, before we start I need to tell you guys a funny story. I used to do extension english and we had a group assignment, in which the teacher picked our groups. I was with two guys, one who was my friend at the time and another guy who I barely knew, although we got along well as we got to know each other. But anyway, we split up the work into three parts and one guy suggested that we finish by Tuesday (a week before it was due) and I was down with that. So I stayed up all night doing the assignment as it was pretty hard to get all the information and put it together. The next day we went to class and I pulled out my work and waited for them to pull out theirs, which of course BOTH of them didn’t do a THING! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that this was a presentation in front of the class as a group, which is something I really hate doing, so when I do have to do presentations I like to have my work done a week before and then rehearse it over and over again. So I told them to finish it ASAP which they thought it would be fine to finish it the night before, meaning we didn’t even have time to properly rehearse our presentation. It is pretty hilarious as I think back on it because it didn’t even phase them at all and that day I found out they didn’t even finish it I was in complete shock and they were just so chilled hahahah. Anyway, I wasn’t mad at all surprisingly just was so worried about the presentation lol!

Okay enough of my rambling and on to the tips (they’re not in any particular order)!

1.   Write down what you have to do either on your phone or a piece of paper. I find that this ensures that you actually remember that you have things to get done. It would be even better if you set timed reminders that pop up on your phone, I do this all the time and it helps me stay super organised and get everything done that I need to do.

2.   I like to add tasks that are due and events down on my iPhone calendar, again setting a reminder to pop up either a day or week before so I don’t forget about them and can be fully prepared when the date come around. We all know how fast time can fly and it’s easy to forget things that need to be done, laying it all out on a calendar which you can visualise helps give yourself a better vision on what needs to be done and when is the best time to do them.

3.   Try finish your work the week before it’s due, that way you can always go back and alter it and add bits. You will also be less flustered than if you do it the night before, this could potentially improve your marks too as you aren’t rushing to get it done.

4.   Put it in perspective; if you’re lacking motivation/hesitant to get the job done, just remember you’ll have to do it down the track anyway and will most likely be more stressed getting it done.

5.   Clean up your surroundings, working in a clean environment is more relaxing and takes out the ‘oh I need to clean’ factor, reducing stress and the amount of distractions around.

6.   The biggest thing that distracts us from getting things done is definitely the internet and our electronic devices. I’d advise you to put away your phone, iPad, whatever you have and turn off the wifi/turn them off completely and out of sight so you aren’t tempted to just reach over and grab it. If you have work to get done on your computer try put it on “do not disturb” mode on your computer (I’m not sure if windows has this), it prevents notifications from popping up and tempting you to check them and reply. Also if you’re using the internet, close all your social media sites; youtube, wordpress, etc and make sure you don’t open them again because it’s so easy to say “oh I’ll just check something” which will turn into hours of procrastination, we’ve all been there LOL.

7.    Prioritise what needs to be done in your head or write it down. Try not to get overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done, instead just keep one task in mind and finish it off before worrying about the rest.

I know all these tips are easier said then done but it really is just mind over matter! Hope you guys found these tips somewhat helpful and I had heaps of fun making this post, hehe.

Amy x

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  1. I do a similar thing with my university assignments. I actually have a planner spreadsheet that shows each week what I *need* to achieve, so lectures, lab pracs and what not, and then with the assignments I look at the due date it’s done, backtrack from there and assign dates for having the draft complete as well as having things like ideas brainstorming and research completed by. Most definitely helps me keep things in perspective!

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  2. Great tips Amy! I’m a big time procrastinater.
    I really need to get better with getting my priorities straight and being organised..
    One of the things you mentioned – having a clean working space is such a great tip.
    I always get overwhelmed about how messy things are and I can’t work in untidy environments. So I end up cleaning up before doing anything which just takes up more time!

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