First Impression Review: Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation

Hi guys,

So today I’m doing my first ever first impression review and it’s going to be on the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation (what a mouth full!). I love mostly all of Maybelline’s products that I’ve tried so I was eager to give this a go.

The product claims:

The fluid touch formula with skin fusion pigments is lightweight and blends with your skin, yet so concentrated it coverscompletely. The exclusive dropper precisely delivers each precious drop for a finish that’s impeccable yet undetectable.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation in

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation in “Sand Beige”.

2015-06-10 11.01.10

The applicator.

Price: $21.95 (AUD)

Packaging: I do like the aesthetic appearance of the product, it looks sleek and sophisticated. However it is made of glass so it is probably not the best for travelling. It has a secure screw on lid which prevents any leakages. This foundation is different as it comes with an applicator similar to high end foundations (seen in the picture above).


When I first applied it, it was easy to blend and dried to a powdery finish almost immediately, leaving my skin feeling like velvet. At first I only got a light coverage, but was able to build it to a medium coverage without it looking cakey. Throughout the day it felt like I had no foundation on and stayed put for most of the day (7 hours) – it only wore off around my cheeks and a little around the nose.

  • feels like velvet
  • applies easily
  • build able coverage (light-medium)
  • feels like nothing on
  • stayed put for most of the day (7hr)


Although the applicator was an innovative idea, I found it super impracticable. You have to dip it in and then wipe if off onto your hand or your face which can cause contamination if not careful or alternatively you can pour it out of the bottle which is just messy and defeats the purpose of the applicator. The consistency of this foundation is SUPER runny and messy if not handled with care while applying. Another con is that the recommended application is with your fingers, which I found messy and unhygienic (I did try use a brush but found it more difficult to blend). It is okay for oily skin but does get oily throughout the day, although you can just powder and blot to fix this – it wasn’t too bad.

  • applicator
  • gets a bit oily
  • applied with fingers
  • super runny consistency
  • not travel friendly

Rate: 3.5/5


Yes I’d definitely recommend this foundation if you’re after an everyday, lightweight foundation – it really does feel like you’ve got nothing on and when you touch your face it feels velvety! I’d just be careful while applying this foundation by making sure your hands are clean.

Check my “About” if you’d like to know details about my age group, skin type, etc which could help you gauge the effectiveness of this product on your own skin.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Amy x

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  1. Love this post as ive been wanting to try out this foundation!! Think its going to be one im going to try soon!!xxx


    1. Hmmm, I am not sure about that because it does dry semi matte (to the point where you don’t really need to set it with a powder) so I think it could accentuate dry patches on your face. Hope this helps! x

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  2. You’ve been nominated for the sisterhood of the world blogger TAG! Check out the TAG section on my blog in the menu bar to see the rules and questions.

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  3. I like this foundation but the way Maybeline made it even harder for me to take out all of the left over foundation at the bottom of the bottle :(…really like your post, it’s pretty helpful..Keep it up girl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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