“Coloured Eyebrow” Trend?!

Hi guys,

Today I have got a rather crazy trend post for y’all and that’s the “coloured eyebrow” trend. It started off in the runways and has become more and more popular, even celebrities such as Cara Delevingne have been seen sporting it! I was and still am shocked that this has even become popular and think it’s very interesting. Personally, I would never, ever sport this look – I think it’s too out there and crazy for me, but I’m sure others see it differently!
colored eyebrows

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These girls actually don’t look half bad wearing it, it actually looks quite intrinsic and cool; definitely an eye catcher. What are your thoughts? Would you ever try this out? Leave a comment/vote!

* I apologise for saying “eyebrows on fleek” – it’s just too catchy ;)!

Amy x

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  1. I think I did this a few months back. I’m can’t even remember. But I’m sure when I did it was just a nice subtle color, not so full out. Not to say these ones look awesome

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  2. Not for me but then HD are not for me either. Who would have though that HD would ever have become popular, when they were first sported everyone thought they looked ridiculous after years of plucking to death.

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