Cleaning Your House When You’ve Just Got No Energy

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Cleaning your home can take a lot of time, can’t it? Maybe you haven’t had the chance to clean the bathroom in a while, but now, you just can’t face it. Maybe your home is all over clutter, and you just don’t know where to get started with it. Either way, your home needs a bit of a clean, and you just don’t have the energy to get on with it – what are you supposed to do? Well, we’ve got a few ideas for you below, to try and help you be much happier with how tidy your rooms are. 

Move in a Circle

If you want a proper plan of action to follow, then you’re going to need to move in a circle when you need to clean. Let’s say you need to take the washing from the basket downstairs, but you also need to empty the bin in your bedroom too. What do you do? 

Take the bag out of the bin, grab the washing, then head downstairs with them both, throw the washing in the machine on the way out the door with the rubbish, and then come back up with a new bag when you have another reason to. Simple! And you can apply this principle to any rooms that need cleaning in your home. 

Don’t Waste Your Time Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the worst activities to have to carry out during a cleaning routine. You have to stand up for ages, retain control over the vacuum, and you know the floor is just going to get dirty again in about an hour’s time. So what’s the point really? Well, if you know the floor is clean, it’s going to be much nicer to look at, and you know all those pesky dust particles that carpet tends to collect aren’t going to be affecting you. 

But you want to be saving your energy here, and that means it’s time to get a robot on your side. And no, you can’t hire a robot butler for yourself here – instead, you’re going to need to invest in a robot vacuum model. Switch one of these on and the carpet will be cleaned routinely throughout the day, without any need for you to get out of bed or up from the sofa – of course, unless the robot gets stuck somewhere… 

Give Yourself a Day

And if you need to clean up more often, give yourself a day to do the bulk of the work on. If you have weekends free, give yourself Saturday, and then on Sunday, put your gloves on and get to wiping down those surfaces! If you have one day to plan ahead for, as well as save your energy for, you’ll be much more likely to stick to a proper cleaning routine.

So, are you someone without much energy in day to day life? And is the house still a mess? Be sure to use these tips to your advantage. 

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