Attending Summer Parties In Style & Get Yourself Noticed


It’s summer, and that means party season is here. It’s only around three weeks until September, and that means if you haven’t attended any parties yet, you have a fair amount of time to do so. Parties are good for the soul, they help you meet knew people, and they generate stories that are sometimes the best part of the whole experience. However, if you’re attending a beautiful and fun summer party, you’re going to want to attend it in style. You never know who will be attending, and sometimes attracting the gaze of Mr or Miss Right will take a little bit more effort. At the very least, it will get the conversations flowing.

However, in the lead up to the exciting day, you might struggle to figure out what to wear. Your dress says a lot about you, and if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll realize that optimizing your dress and beauty methods can not only help you feel better attending these events, but you’ll also feel more self-confident when it comes to approaching or being approached by someone you have your eye on, in a friendly or romantic capacity.

The following tips will help you get the most from summer, using in-style trends that prove to make your August 2017 the best August you’ve ever had.


To begin with, you’ll need to theme your dress around a color. This is always the best place to start because it well you match your clothing so nothing clashes. Trying new experimental styles is a lot of fun if you have the confidence to pull it off, but sometimes this can be a little more difficult to pull off when meeting new people entirely.

Reliably, matching colours will help you stand out and seem well put together, but so does the tone of that colour. For example, this summer’s trends are pastels, light greens and rose golds for that ‘modern sepia’ feeling which most like has Instagram filters to blame in part. However, these light and fairly non-intrusive colours do work. Not only do they give you a solid and non-offensive colour base, but they open a lot of room for accessorising, such as with a rose gold feminine watch.


This is summer after all, and so wearing light dresses that make a statement is probably your best bet. Even if you’re not the most confident and usually dress up in layers when attending these functions, it’s likely that the confidence will flow if you just wear the white apparel. Wearing light and breathable fabrics will help you feel comfortable and relaxed in your environment, and believe it or not, helps you seem approachable.


Floral patterns are usually in trend, but this season they are to a dizzying degree. At the vogue summer fashion show for 2017, bright, bold and deeply intense floral prints were the star of the show, and it’s likely you’ve seen floral making a heavy comeback in recent months.  So much so, that it’s unlikely to come back around again for a few years over fears of style saturation. If you love wearing bright and statement-making floral prints, now is your chance. Finding a beautiful maxi dress, skirt or even jewelry piece with this pattern or design will help you make the most of the heavy emphasis of summer 2017’s summer trends.

Being on trend makes you look good – and that makes you feel good. But it doesn’t have to cost you the earth either. If you want to tap into a bold look like florals, but you don’t have anything in that style that suits the occasion, why not ask friends if they have anything suitable you can borrow? 

Alternatively, you could look into Dress Hire. This is the ideal way to get that showstopping gown for a big occasion without having to purchase something you’ll wear once that will then languish in the back of your wardrobe unloved. It’s also a great way to try out a new trend like Florals, and if you discover you love it, then you can go on to buy something in the knowledge that you’ll definitely get some wear out of the garment.

Think outside of the box and you can tap into the latest trends plus have a dress that’s right for the event you’re attending without it costing the earth.


But what if you attend the party and weather is nowhere near as promising as you’d hoped? How should you prepare then? We all know the feeling of carefully laying out an outfit the night before, excited to wear, it, that is until the weather tells us it has other ideas for our day. Well, there’s no reason why you should be put out because of this. Thankfully, this spring/summer jumpsuits are all of the rage, and they’re worth wearing. Not only do they give you waterproof protection, but they also look and feel both stylish and comfortable to wear.

We’d recommend opting for a more seasonal color that helps you stand out but keeps the bad weather in mind. Remember, certain colors and looks play out better in different lighting environments, and usually, the darker the light, the deeper the color it will take to stand out. This is why if you’re wearing a jumpsuit, we’d recommend a deep navy, deep blue, crimson, or if you’re feeling really bold, magenta. Make sure to go for angular lines in the design to give you that cutting edge aesthetic which is proving to be so popular in 2017.

These tips will help anyone slay come party season. Have fun!

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