Timeless Pieces That Work For All Occasions

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Whether you consider yourself something of a fashionista or are looking for more tips when it comes to finding your style, there are always going to be trends that people are telling you to follow. However, the thing with fashion is that it always seems to move around in circles with certain things making an appearance after decades, and then there are the things that simply never go out of style and are what we’d refer to as timeless.


Channel Your Inner Rock Chick With These Looks


If you think of yourself as a little bit edgy and kooky, and you have a hankering to stand out from the crowd, the rock chick look could be just what you’re looking for. With simple detailing, muted tones and monochrome styling, you can ooze ultimate rocker chic. No longer do you have to backcomb your hair, wear Dr Martens boots and know all the lyrics to Bon Jovi tracks to demonstrate your coolness. By taking note of these simple tips, you can turn heads while channelling your inner rock chick.


Feathered Eyebrow Trend?!


Hey guys!

Long time no trend post. Well, today I have one for y’all and it’s on the latest trend: the feathered eyebrow. To be honest I’m not a fan of this trend and think it looks quite odd and cannot imagine anyone wearing this out. It does look cool in pictures though, I guess? If you want to see some pics of girls sporting this look just keep reading.


Trending: Off the Shoulder Tops & Dresses


Hey guys!

It’s been ages since I’ve done a trend post for y’all and it’s also been quite awhile since I’ve posted. That’s because I’ve been super busy with university and things have finally slowed down – I only have one exam left which will be done on Tuesday. Anyway, on to today’s post: it’s about the ever so popular “off the shoulder” top/dress trend. Personally, I am obsessed with this trend and already have two beautiful shirts that are off the shoulder. I love this trend because it’s so effortless, girly yet elegant at the same time, not to mention perfect for the spring and summer here in Australia.


Hottest Clothing Trends to Watch Out for in the Coming Months


Hey guys!

I know that we are in the full swing of winter over here. But it is never too early to start thinking about your transitional wardrobe. Often it can be cheaper to buy out of season, so now is the time to get planning. A lot of trends from summer will continue, just with a warmer twist as we wait for things to heat up again. So here are some styles to look out for and to stock up your wardrobe with.


“Bronde” Hair Trend?!


Hi guys!

Today I’ve got another trend post for y’all and it’s on bronde hair. In case you’re unsure of what that is, it is just a combination of blonde and brown hair which looks quite nice to me. It seems to be the ‘in’ hair colour at the moment and is seemingly liked as much as the ombre hairstyle. Here are some pics of the girls sporting the hair colour.


“Grid Print” Trend?!

Hi guys,

Today I’ve got a trend post for y’all again and it’s on the grid print. This trend is really intricate and makes you look twice. I love it! However, I may pass on grid print pants as sometimes they look like you’re wearing PJS haha!

Here are some pics: