“Grid Print” Trend?!

Hi guys,

Today I’ve got a trend post for y’all again and it’s on the grid print. This trend is really intricate and makes you look twice. I love it! However, I may pass on grid print pants as sometimes they look like you’re wearing PJS haha!

Here are some pics:



iPhone 5s Case Collection

Hey everyone!

I’ve been looking forward to making this post to share one of my obsessions with you all – phone cases! I can’t refrain myself from constantly purchasing new ones, any of you feel me? Although I haven’t bought one for like a month now (I think). So, can you guess how many I have…?

I have thirteen, I used to have another but it broke so I threw it away. Crazy amount I suppose, I was shocked when I counted it myself to be honest, haha. At the moment I have the iPhone 5s in gold so these are all cases designed for that phone.

Anyway, here are my cases:

2015-01-29 17.15.52

2015-01-29 17.16.07

This one is my fav (and matches my nails as seen in my last post 😉 ):

2015-01-29 17.16.17

This one was super cute, could not leave without grabbing it!

2015-01-29 17.16.25

Can you guess what the pattern is? I only realised after a few minutes, hahaha!

2015-01-29 17.16.30

This case is stylish and super protective.

2015-01-29 17.16.36

This case makes me feel super glamorous, but I dropped my phone on the bathroom floor so it has a little crack 😦

2015-01-29 17.17.08

I actually got this one for free when I purchased the gold one, but I love how simple it is and it goes above the sides of my phone.

2015-01-29 17.17.21

Just a typical clear case.

2015-01-29 17.17.26

Ok, how cute is this? It looks even cuter on my phone because the cat is holding on to the apple logo! This one is ultra thin too.

2015-01-29 17.17.35

My flip case, this one is so handy because I can keep my cards in it.

2015-01-29 17.17.52

Not only that, the phone case is magnetic, so you can detach it from the outer case.

2015-01-29 17.18.01

Another cute flip case – I love the colour combo on this one.

2015-01-29 17.18.07

My friend gifted me this one, love the material on the back & it’s really protective.

2015-01-29 17.18.12

A simple floral case.

And those are all my phone cases! Let me know which one was your favourite & if you are obsessed as much as I am with phone cases – if not, what are you obsessed with?

Thanks for reading, love you guys heaps!

Amy x

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Nail Designs I’ve Done and LOVE!


This is just a really cute and simple nail design I did. I personally love it – no nail tools were used! I just used the end of a bobby pin to make the white dots.


This was my very first attempt at ombre and I personally think it turned out really well! I just used a makeup sponge to apply the colour. I absolutely loved this design – and it was quite simple to do (but messy)!


This nail polish was super cool, it apparently change colour depending on your mood (obviously that’s not true, it just depends on the temperature). I loved the ombre look I got on one winter’s day!


A sparkly, girly design. I also ADORE this one! It was so sad when it began to chip.


I tried out the OPI crack nail polish – loved the look! Reminded me a little of Halloween.


Just a simple summery colour I did (this one changes colour too but less noticeably). Really like this one too! (Swear I said that about all of them… hahaha)
Leave a comment telling me which one your favourite was – I’d love to know!
(And yes, the website on the photos are wrong, but they are owned by me – I used to have a blog on weebly so I just transferred the blog post over 🙂 ps. this is my fav one so far! ).