Simple Ways To Switch Up Your Look

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Do you feel like you’ve lost your sense of adventure when it comes to your style or do you always gravitate towards the same items of clothing when you’re getting ready? When you’re rushing around after kids, or you’re busy at work, it can be difficult to find the time and the energy to devote as much attention as you’d like to your personal style. If you’re worried that you’re stuck in a rut, don’t panic. With these simple tips, you can switch up your look with minimal effort.


Bring Together Security & Style In Your Home Today


No matter what kind of building you live in, if you are like most people you want it to be as stylish as possible. There are countless ways to do this, but sometimes doing so can be at the expense of other essential qualities which you want in your home just as equally. One of those qualities, usually, is security and safety. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, and it doesn’t matter how great the place looks if you don’t feel that you are as secure as possible. In this post, we are going to look into some ways that you can efficiently marry these two considerations in one. How can you bring together security and style in your home?


Channel Your Inner Rock Chick With These Looks


If you think of yourself as a little bit edgy and kooky, and you have a hankering to stand out from the crowd, the rock chick look could be just what you’re looking for. With simple detailing, muted tones and monochrome styling, you can ooze ultimate rocker chic. No longer do you have to backcomb your hair, wear Dr Martens boots and know all the lyrics to Bon Jovi tracks to demonstrate your coolness. By taking note of these simple tips, you can turn heads while channelling your inner rock chick.


A Beautiful Balcony: Styling The Outside Space in an Apartment


If you live in an apartment and are lucky enough to have a balcony- make use of it! So many flats and apartments come with no outside space at all, so if yours does you should utilise it as much as possible. Whether it’s large or small, here are some of the ways you can spruce it up so you love spending time out there. 


How To: Up Your Fashion Game


How you feel on the inside can certainly be expressed in the clothes we wear. So it is no surprise that if we are starting to feel a little drab, that this can be reflected in the current choices of clothes that we choose to wear. When we feel like this, the first choice could be something comfortable and oversized. But what we fail to realise is this can add to the negative feelings and make us feel worse and not better. So I thought I would share with you some of the quick and easy fashion fixes you can make to stop you feeling so drab in the attire you choose and help you to feel fabulous on the inside and out. (more…)

Mastering the Natural Look


Every woman is naturally beautiful and sometimes you just want to express that within yourself. Whether you’re sick of being a slave to the trends or you want to appear as and dress as undeniably you, the natural style is one that’s getting adopted by more and more women. If you want to let that natural beauty shine, here are a few ways to help it along or at least not stand in its way.


5 Things That May Impact Your Home’s Future Resale Value

1500x675_white_home1There are some things that you just can’t ignore when it comes to running a home. Your home is probably the biggest and most valuable asset you have, so it’s only natural that you want to make sure that it’s worth as much as possible. You might need to sell it in the future, and you want to be able to get a price that you think is fair. However, there are some things that can have a direct impact on how much money you’ll get for your home when it’s on the market.