Mastering the Natural Look


Every woman is naturally beautiful and sometimes you just want to express that within yourself. Whether you’re sick of being a slave to the trends or you want to appear as and dress as undeniably you, the natural style is one that’s getting adopted by more and more women. If you want to let that natural beauty shine, here are a few ways to help it along or at least not stand in its way.

Authenticity is crucial

We’re not going to tell you that you can’t go for a different hair colour or style. You do you. If that’s what makes you feel authentically you, then do it. However, some degree of authenticity in the look is key. Most important of all is dressing to the strengths of your figure. Learning how to dress for your body shape isn’t necessarily about disguising and covering up the parts of your body you consider a flaw. Rather, it’s about accentuating the parts of yourself that you love to the point that those perceived flaws become negligible. If you’re an hourglass with a tiny waist, a belted jacket will play it up, for instance.

You don’t always have to make a statement

One of the issues with fashion that can get in the way of many women wanting to truly enjoy their clothes is the idea that how you dress has to always be relevant, always be making a statement. It becomes more about the look you carry rather than looking like you. The sooner you learn to let that part go, the sooner you can start to feel truly you in your own outfits. To that end, start relying more on the staples of your wardrobe. If you’re wearing a nice open jacket or a blouse, then pair it with a plain white tee. If you want your top to be more colourful, then let it draw attention by wearing a simple pair of jeans.

Don’t feel like you have to skip the accessories

The idea of going natural, authentic, and sticking true to yourself isn’t all about getting rid of everything superfluous in your wardrobe and jewelry box, however. In fact, the right pieces here and there, the right accessories, can help ensure that natural doesn’t cross the line into plain. More than that, they can be used to draw attention to features you’re particularly fond of. If you’re worried about overdoing it, then boho chic jewelry allows you to accessorize in a way that stays subtle and organic. You don’t have to add too many accessories, either. Just a couple of pieces that can match just about any outfit can give your style a signature all its own.

See your true colours

When talking about going natural with makeup, some women also get scared of the idea they’re going to be told to throw everything in their makeup bag as well. Well, fear no longer. However, it might be time to change your approach to your makeup. Instead of creating contrast on your face, it’s all about creating cohesion. Nude lipsticks should start replacing reds, for instance. Subtle blush and mascara can still be used to great effect, but to create depth to your features more than anything. Most important of all is using a proper skincare regime that uses products that hydrate more than anything. Moisturise, conceal, and use light foundations so your skin doesn’t look like it’s unrealistically uniform.

Find your blend

Just as you should change the direction you go in in terms of makeup colour, you should look again at the colours you use in your clothing choices. When going for the natural look, the best approach is to choose colours based on your skin tone, your eyes, and your hair above everything else. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for perfect matches. Rather, it can be a lot more effective to set up complimentary colours. For instance, if you have warmer skin tones, then warmer colours like honey and coral can bring out that healthy glow. If you’re cooler, like a more pale woman or a woman with particularly darker skin, then strong blues and roses can make your skin really pop.

Take a trip back in time

As mentioned above, one of the ways to really heighten your natural look is to avoid looking like you’re trying to stay completely contemporary and trendy. To that end, taking a bit of a nostalgic leap back through time can help you craft a look that feels more authentically you. Vintage styles aren’t exactly “out” at the moment, but they are distinct enough that you can feel confident you’re wearing something that doesn’t feel dictated by the immediate trends of the day. Plus, going to thrift stores and finding clothes can be a great way to add a bit more history and flavour to your style. Don’t worry if they don’t fit immediately. Finding those pieces that need a little work to work is only going to help you craft a look more unique to you.

Believe it

Of course, a look is about much more than just the clothes you wear. It’s about how you wear them, too. If you want a natural look, then you have to own it. This means learning how to project yourself with confidence. Wearing clothes that let the natural you should already be a bit of a confidence booster, but learning a little confident body language can help it along, too. There’s nothing that a woman wears better than belief in herself and the courage to show off the natural side of her beauty. It will do more than make you look better; it will make you feel better, too.

The natural, organic beauty look isn’t about being lazy and throwing on whatever’s closest. It’s about knowing what works best for you as you really look, not using your fashion to change your image, but to make it more powerful.



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