Minimalist Makeup Tips For A Fresh Look

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The craze for minimalist makeup looks is largely due to an increasing need to appear as simple as possible. The minimalist makeup is strikingly different from the natural look. According to makeup experts, it is more about accentuating facial features with the least amount of beauty products, the exact opposite of heavy makeup. According to news articles, many Aussie women are embracing minimalist makeup. It, therefore, makes sense that 51% of them invest in the appropriate cosmetics and beauty products to help them achieve that look. If you’re part of this group, here are some tips to achieve the minimalist makeup look.

  1. Choose one feature to enhance

Minimalism is based on the ‘less is more’ concept. In a minimalist makeup routine, the focus is on highlighting only specific features on the face. Therefore, while you may want to line your eyes, wear bright lipstick and apply blush, only one should be more prominent. So you have the liberty to faintly line your eyelids and use minimal shimmer for your eyeshadows.

However, if the lips are the prominent feature, you may want to use a slightly deeper shade not too different from what you used for the eyes and cheekbones. Meanwhile, women who may not want to pencil in their brows can explore other options. For example, a clean brow definition can be achieved through waxing. Thankfully, you can easily get products from brands like Auswax to tend to your brows at home. Creating that focal point is the overall objective of minimalist makeup.

  1. Don’t aim for perfection

According to makeup artists, minimalist makeup does not aim for perfection. Therefore, the slightest ‘flaw’ in your application can be smoothed out without necessarily wiping it off. Minimal makeup enthusiasts also recommend using your fingers to apply instead of the usual accessories. For example, you can use your fingers to effectively apply your foundation flawlessly instead of a makeup brush. All you’re doing is tapping in the colour to hide blemishes. It would help if you didn’t necessarily focus on a picture-perfect look.

It may seem quite odd not to aim for perfection; after all, the point of makeup is to make you look ‘better’. However, since you will only be highlighting one facial feature, you will not need any extra steps and wouldn’t need to be perfect. This also eliminates the pressure, and you wouldn’t have to overthink your makeup application skills. Also, if you have flawless skin, you may not need some makeup like foundation. Sticking to the easy and breezy look in a few minutes is the focus of minimalist makeup.

  1. Have dual purposes for your makeup products

Did you know that your lipstick can double up as eyeshadows if properly applied? Secondly, you can use your bronzer for something more than contouring. According to makeup artists, using your beauty products for dual purposes is minimalism. It is also cost-effective, and you would save so much time. The truth is many makeup products are repackaged and sold under another name. For example, some foundations can be applied as concealers and vice versa. 

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