Beauty Is More Than Dressing up and Applying Makeup


There’s a clear relationship between beauty and health. Far too many people assume that the two are exclusive—but they’re completely wrong. Beauty and health have clear links, and it’s important to merge the two if you want to look beautiful and feel great at the same time. You’ve probably heard the saying that beauty comes from within, and this article is going to explain just how it works.

A radiant smile can make you attractive

A beautiful white smile is perhaps one of the best ways to attract attention and look stunning. Your teeth stand out when you speak to someone because they can shine brightly in the correct lighting, and when you speak, your teeth are going to occasionally show, so why not perfect them by visiting a dentist like Not only do dentists give you confidence in your smile, they can also prevent conditions like gum disease which terrorises a large number of people in the world.

Don’t forget that you can also enlist the services of cosmetic dental care to help improve your smile. You can get invisible braces that will realign your teeth, and it’s also possible to have your teeth whitened to ensure you get that beautiful radiant smile. The idea isn’t to just make your teeth look good, but also have them perform their function properly while still looking fantastic.

Beautiful, smooth and supple skin

Making your skin soft and silky can be difficult, especially if you aren’t too show about your diet and eating habits. It’s important to drink plenty of water to maintain a natural and youthful appearance. Your diet also has a major effect on the type of skin you develop. For instance, green tea is rich in antioxidants and this can help your body fight against inflammation. In addition, foods that contain biotin can help you achieve a smoother and silkier complexion.

In short, it’s important to eat certain foods that are rich in the nutrients that your skin needs to build itself back. This can be daunting at first because it requires you to change your diet entirely, but it’s well worth the extra time and effort spent.

Dieting to reach your ideal body image

It’s no surprise that dieting can contribute to your overall body image. It takes a lot of effort to stick to a diet that helps to make your body fitter and leaner. The goal is to try and cut down on body fat, but there are some people that do prefer to have a curvier body shape. Everyone has their own “ideal” body image, and it’s up to you to work towards that goal whether it’s to put on weight or lose it.

While it’s absolutely fine to be curvier if that’s what you desire, there are some health complications involved when your body fat is higher. According to, plus-size models are essentially as bad as promoting the idea of smoking. Doctors understand that having a larger body can introduce unwanted health problems and could lead to an increased risk of many different heart-related diseases.

However, the opposite is also true. Women who aim to be skinny can also suffer from health issues. There are many models that have starved themselves in the past just so they’re “fit” for the catwalk. In short, it’s fine to try and achieve your ideal body image through dieting, but keep in mind that there are two extremes that you should never aim for. Always try to be fit and healthy so that your body is in top condition before you try and shape your body.

Exercise can also be important

To go alongside dieting, exercise helps in improving your appearance. Regular exercise helps to engage your blood flow, meaning that the blood has an easier time pushing around vitamins and minerals around your body. This ultimately feeds your body and helps to keep your skin looking supple and also helps to clear the toxins in your body. The secret to building up a youthful appearance is to actually work your heart and get your blood flowing.

Sweating while exercising is often seen as a bad thing for beauty because people assume that the sweat blocks pores, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sweating is a natural form of detoxing and it’s also one of the most effective ways for your body to cleanse toxins from your body.

Lastly, we can’t forget that exercise can target specific muscles to tone them. If you find that your rear is a little flat, then you can tone it with articles such as this one from With a combination of glute and thigh toning exercises, you can achieve a fuller rear if that’s what you desire. Similarly, if you want to show off your midriff when you wear crop tops, then it’s important to do exercises that target that area of your body. Perform abdominal exercises such as crunches and planks to assist in giving you the midriff you desire.

Beauty in confidence

Everyone wants to look beautiful, but if you wore the same clothes and applied the same makeup as a well-known celebrity on the red carpet, there’s a slim chance that you will appear the same despite all the similarities. Why? Because of your confidence. Confidence is the hidden secret to appearing beautiful. It’s not so much about the clothes you wear or the makeup that you put on, but more about your body language and sense of fashion. This useful article from explains how you can sue your body language to show that you’re confident.

Confidence is also required to wear daring outfits or pick your own style. Everyone has their own favourite clothing items, colours or patterns that they like to match, which is why it’s important to try your best when it comes to picking an outfit. You need to be confident in the clothes you wear, and it’s important to pick something that matches your own personal style instead of copying a celebrity outfit you saw in a magazine. There are some people that can wear thrift store outfits and still look outstanding, while there are plenty that wear designer clothes and still look out of place.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that beauty can come from within, and it’s not always about dressing up and applying makeup.

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