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A Beautiful Balcony: Styling The Outside Space in an Apartment


If you live in an apartment and are lucky enough to have a balcony- make use of it! So many flats and apartments come with no outside space at all, so if yours does you should utilise it as much as possible. Whether it’s large or small, here are some of the ways you can spruce it up so you love spending time out there. 


Sydney Food Adventures #1

2016-04-11 13.10.04

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to take you guys on our (my boyfriend and I’s) food adventure in Sydney. We decided to dedicate a whole day to eating in the city and surrounding suburbs. We’ll list the address and names of the places below as well as some pictures we took. He chose all the places we visited and can I say he did a great job!


Lacking Inspiration

Hey guys!

Honestly, I’ve been lacking inspiration for the past few months and don’t know what to do! I feel inspired to blog again randomly but then soon after it goes away, probably because less people are interacting with my posts. I know blogging is not about that but it is a little disheartening since it seems like my posts are not being enjoyed widely anymore. Anyway, I wanted to ask y’all what type of posts you’d like to see from me and hopefully I can deliver! Looking back on my old posts makes me miss blogging more often and I also miss doing more lifestyle posts (however I will be posting a food post soon about my adventures in Sydney!).

Anyway I’d appreciate any feedback and hope y’all stick around!

Amy x

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