A Beautiful Balcony: Styling The Outside Space in an Apartment


If you live in an apartment and are lucky enough to have a balcony- make use of it! So many flats and apartments come with no outside space at all, so if yours does you should utilise it as much as possible. Whether it’s large or small, here are some of the ways you can spruce it up so you love spending time out there. 

Give It a Clean

Leaf litter and other mess can accumulate on balconies, which in turn can attract insects. Give it a good sweep and clean down the railings or screenings. If you have a jet washer you will easily be able to remove any grime that’s accumulated in the months or years since you used the balcony. Once it’s all clean you can see what space you’re working with and aren’t sharing it with too many bugs or pests!

Repaint or Redecorate

If you have metal or wooden railings, over time the paintwork can start to look a little shabby. Giving everywhere a new coat of paint will bring the look up to scratch. You could also lay new flooring too, some wooden decking, wooden tiles or other material to lay over the concrete would give a much smarter appearance. To make it look pretty, you could get some hanging baskets and fill them with colourful flowers, there are plenty of autumn and winter varieties that are still blooming at this time of year. ‘Vertical gardens’ are a good choice for balconies, you don’t have much floor space but you can utilise the walls that you have. Baskets that sit over balcony railings look nice too.  

Find Furniture

Balconies aren’t usually large spaces, so regular patio furniture probably won’t be an option. However there are ranges that cater especially for small space, Lavita balcony furniture for example has smaller suites as well as things like patio heaters. You could go with a small bistro set, or look for a company that custom makes outdoor furniture and tell them what you want based on the dimensions of your balcony. Invest in some big cosy cushions to pad out the furniture, perfect for sitting outside with a drink and a book and watching the world go by.

Consider Lighting

Will you be using your balcony as a spot to drink a glass of wine in the evening and take in the views? You will need some kind of lighting out there. Some smaller solar powered lights might be enough for what you need, you could also take out strings of LED fairy lights and LED tealight candles in lanterns when you’re out there. While these aren’t weatherproof, they look pretty and create a cosy and magical looking space.

Does your apartment have a balcony? Do you get much use from yours, or is this something you plan on utilising more in the future?



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