Giving Your House That Hotel Feel


Everyone loves going on vacation and for most people, staying in a luxury hotel is a big part of that experience. There’s nothing more delicious than spending the day on vacation on your feet, then slipping between the Egyptian cotton sheets that a hotel has laid out for you. The cute toiletries, the power shower that feels like a total body massage and the pillow menu all contribute to the hotel experience and most people are willing to sink their dollars into ensuring they get the best. The thing is, you then have to go home!

The comedown from staying in a luxury hotel room and returning to your own lumpy mattress and tired décor can be quite depressing, and it’s for this reason you need the ambition to turn your home into the hotel you miss so much! It’s absolutely worth your time and cash to invest in your home so that you can benefit from that high-end luxury all year round. Some people buy into a holiday investment property and hire a team of people to keep it in luxury. It’s great if you have your own personal space to disappear to on holiday weekends and vacation times, but what about the rest of the year? We’ve got some affordable ideas to upgrade your home and give your home that luxury hotel feel that you crave.


As with a hotel room, the bed is the focus of the room. Beds in hotel rooms are often well-designed, with luxury mattresses like these and drapes gracing the outside. Buy Egyptian cotton bedding and sheets – the highest thread count you can afford – and make sure that the bedding matches perfectly. Ideally, you want to add throw pillows, a bolster and a soft comforter as well as a plush headboard. Guests may not see your bedroom when they visit, but it should be a place of downright luxury for you!


The majority of high-end hotels have spa bathrooms with heated towel racks, jet baths and underfloor heating such as what you find here. Of course, ripping out the bathroom may not be the most cost-effective, but installing a heated towel rail and adding some scented candles to the edge of your bubble bath can get you halfway. Don’t forget the ‘do not disturb’ sign!


When you’re heading to your hotel room, you sweep off down hallways with beautiful artworks, immaculate carpets and high ceilings complete with chandelier. All of this is doable on a budget! Hire a Rug Doctor like this to get your carpets to the incredible luxury from when they were installed. Swap your light fitting for a mini chandelier and hang some artwork from charity shops on the walls. Boom – luxury on a budget!

Your home won’t be a hotel, let’s be honest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the décor and feel in some of your rooms. Guests may not see your new bedroom, but it’s your home and you can be the person to appreciate it!


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