To Die for Dressing Room Decor


When you think about creating the perfect home to suit your lifestyle, what instantly comes to mind? Perhaps you picture your family, happy in each others company. Or maybe you’re looking at an image of your dream kitchen. Or is it something else entirely? Because for many of us, the ideal home will always come with a to die for dressing room. Even when it just feels like a frivolous pipe dream, at some point in life, you may find yourself ready to pull together that dream room for real. But how are you going to do it? Let’s take a look at some of the key components you should think about bringing together for the dressing room of your dreams.

Neutral Colors

Firstly, you’re going to want to work with a pretty neutral color palette. When you’re trying to create a room that looks gorgeous, and can house all of your favorite fashion and beauty pieces, you don’t want it to be too over the top. Instead, you want it to be classic. Classy even. And to achieve this look, neutral colors like whites and beiges, soft browns and powdery pinks will always work well. Just think of vintage dressing rooms, and you’ll definitely be on track.

Streamlined Flooring

Then, when it comes to your flooring choices, you need to be able to work with something that will keep your room both classy and clean. Because while you’re getting ready, you may find that you make a big mess. And to counteract that, you should use something such as the laminate flooring at Carpet One to create your look. It’s easy to clean, so it will be perfect. And if you want to soften things up, you can add in different rugs to the space.

Stunning Storage

With the base of your room built, you then need to think about the right storage solutions for your space. Because every perfect dressing room will have the right wardrobes, rails, and drawers to store everything in. Whether you choose to go with fitted storage or elegant rails, now is the time to decide. But remember, make sure your choices work with the pretty theme that you’re trying to achieve.

Decadent Touches

Now that you have the bulk furniture in, next you should think about the decorative touches that can make your room sing. For some people, this will be a vintage-inspired mirror, or even a classy looking lamp. You may even want to add in some sleek and stylish makeup storage to create the right look. Either way, ensure you pick out things to make it look perfect.

A Feminine Finish

At this point, you may feel as if you have the room done. But there’s a little more than you can add in to create the right space. And for this, you want to go with a feminine finish. Even when you have the mirror and lamp, you can go a step further. With pretty scented candles and gorgeous flowers, you should find that you’re able to create the stunning dressing room that you’ve always dreamt of.

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