Channel Your Inner Rock Chick With These Looks


If you think of yourself as a little bit edgy and kooky, and you have a hankering to stand out from the crowd, the rock chick look could be just what you’re looking for. With simple detailing, muted tones and monochrome styling, you can ooze ultimate rocker chic. No longer do you have to backcomb your hair, wear Dr Martens boots and know all the lyrics to Bon Jovi tracks to demonstrate your coolness. By taking note of these simple tips, you can turn heads while channelling your inner rock chick.


The colour that will inevitably end up dominating your wardrobe will be black. You won’t be wearing it in a gothic sense with an emo persona, eyeliner and a long black coat. You’ll be wearing the ever flattering colour with high waist skinny jeans, a flash of a leather belt and some sexy kitten heels. Think of Sandy in the final scene of Grease minus the 1960s hairstyle, and this is the kind of look that you’re after. Effortlessly stylish and fashionable, your monochrome hues won’t age over time and will be a wardrobe staple that you can return to time and time again.

The Jacket

No rock chick look is complete without the ubiquitous leather jacket. You may choose to head down the heavily tasselled biker look, the tan coloured cowboy influenced style or a more figure-hugging cut. Whatever jacket you go for, you must ensure that you take care of your tailored pride and joy. Investing in a high-end piece of clothing means that you need to maintain its condition. Hunt down a specialist dry cleaners that clean leather to make sure your jacket remains weatherproof and you can preserve its longevity. Your jacket should last you a lifetime; authentic 1960s examples are forever popping up in old-school vintage shops.


Your kitten heels, boots or flats should have some metallic detailing to show off a more industrialised look. With your ankle boots, black skinny jeans and leather jacket your rock chick look is taking shape. Just make sure you don’t try too hard. The studding that you want for your styling shouldn’t be across every garment in your wardrobe. You don’t want to be twinkling in the sunlight or risk falling over because of the sheer weight of metal adorning your frame.


This is where you can go to town and add a little more individuality. Oversized tees with a Guns and Roses print or floral design can show off some of your personality. If you want to remain religiously rocker, you could scuff up a plain white t-shirt or create a well-placed rip in your stitching. Combined with the rest of your attire, you’ll be oozing rock star appeal.

The rock chick look never goes out of fashion and merely morphs as the seasons come and go. If you find that this styling is the perfect reflection of your personality, then why not follow these tips and give it a go.

Amy x

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  1. Inner rock chick? I AM a rock chick. LOL! And I’m also part goth. I have so much black in my wardrobe my mom used to call me Johnny Cash sometimes as a joke. 😂

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