Trend Alert: Waist High Slit Dress

bella3Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a trend alert for y’all and it’s on the was it high slit dress, risk-ay if you ask me! So I first saw this on Bella Hadid at an event and think this going to a be a huge trend, although controversial. I think that it is definitely a statement look and very bold, only some would be dare to wear a waist high slit dress (definitely not me!). What do you think, does this look bold and sophisticated or a bit trashy and inappropriate?


I mean, I think it looks quite nice in photos but it’s just on the line of being trashy, I personally think thigh high slit dresses look nicer not waist high slit dresses (it’s a bit too much being revealed in my opinion), I mean how is it practical to walk around in? I can imagine your underwear being shown which is definitely not desired by most and how annoying and difficult would it be to sit in this. You would be quite conscious and worrying about how much skin is being shown, well I would anyway! I guess this is impractical, but in the fashion world seen as quite ‘stylish’ and ‘different’ since it is very bold and definitely makes a statement. It’s a piece not for everyone but hey, wear what you like!

Would you guys dare to wear this look and what are your thoughts? Sophisticated or trashy? Leave a vote/comment below!

Amy x

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  1. this is ridiculous! how is she meant to wear that if there is suddenly a light breeze showing off all her underwear! seriously these celebs need to think practical!

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