Review/Swatches: OPI Pastels Collection 2016

2016-04-27 16.53.02

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a review and swatches of the new OPI Pastels collection. If you’d like to see pictures and hear my thoughts please keep reading (PS, how nice did the cover photo turn out, I’m super proud, haha!).

2016-04-27 16.50.39

2016-04-27 16.52.30

2016-04-28 14.56.07.jpg

Ok, so first of all I do love the colour, my favourites being the pink and the blue. I don’t really like green so I probably won’t be reaching for that one. These polishes definitely need a few coats, 2-3 for the best outcome. I only used two coats and it still turned out super nice (although some parts were more sheer than others, so I guess 3 coats would be ideal). The great thing about this polish is that it dries super quick between coats since the polish is quite thin, I’d say it only took about two minutes to dry in between. The lasting power of these OPI polishes is AMAZING, it lasted about one week with minimal chipping which is the longest my polish has ever gone without chipping drastically, typically mine tend to chip after the second or third day. Overall, I think these are great quality and definitely worth purchasing if you love the pastel coloured nail polishes.


  • Lasts extremely long without chipping
  • Beautiful colours
  • Dries quick


  • Needs at least 2-3 coats for the colour to appear evenly

This mini gift set is available for $24.95 at OPI stockists (click here to see a list).


I think this a great price seeing as the normal sized OPI polishes are around $20 each, this way you get to try our four different shades for almost the same price, definitely worth it in my opinion if you want to test out OPI polishes for yourself. I personally have never gone through a bottle of nail polish either, so it’s a win win!

Let me know your favourite OPI polish and hope you guys enjoyed my review!

Amy x

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      1. Vogueinfatuation believe it or not, but I keep getting OPI products for my birthday, Christmas, or just because. I think I have a different nail color for every day of the year!

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