Trending Accessories 2016

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Hi guys!

Today I’ve got another trend post for y’all and it’s on the trending accessories of 2016! If you’d like to know what’s hot right now, please keep reading.


So as you all may be aware, cat eye sunglasses have been all the rage this year as popular brands such as Ray-ban and Quay Australia have a large collection of cat eye sunglasses available for purchase.


Another huge trend this year has been colourful handbags, as seen on Glamour. People have been embracing the brighter colours and go for a more daring look. I think coloured handbags are nice as they add that pop of colour to your outfit and makes your look more interesting.


Capeline hats have also been extremely popular recently and are continuing to be a staple in the wardrobe for the spring and summer time. It adds a girly feel to the outfit while keeping the sun off your face.


Lastly, the choker-collar trend seen in a previous post of mine, is still all the rage. It has been seen all over the runways, in magazines and in stores. I love how effortless it is yet still looks extremely sophisticated. Great for a night out, dinner or even a day to the mall, it all depends on how you dress it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my post on the trending accessories of 2016 at this moment and let me know your favourite trend!

Amy x

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