Favourite Hair Care Products & Tips

Hi guys!

Today I will be sharing some of my haircare favourites and tips. If you’d like to know more please keep reading!


A Peachy Keen Hair Routine


Not a lot of people realise, but the hair on top of their head is a very sensitive thing. Without the right treatment and care, it’s easy for this part of your body to become unhealthy, causing a huge negative impact on its appearance. Of course, though, when you’re living a busy life, it’s not always easy to keep on top of this part of your life. So, to help you out, this post will be exploring some of the elements of your hair routine, and how you can make choices to make it easier for you.


My 3 Must-Have Hair Care Essentials

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post for y’all on my top 3 must-have hair care essentials. I have bleached and dyed my hair many times over the past six years so it’s essential that I take good care of my hair to ensure breakage is minimised and it’s in the healthiest condition possible. If you guys would like to see my hair care essentials please keep reading.


Beach & Post-Beach Essentials 


Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d share my beach and post-beach essentials as we’re currently experiencing Summer here in Aus and who doesn’t love the beach. If you’d like to know what my essentials are please keep reading!




Hi guys,

Just wanted to make a quick post and say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all the best this year and let’s make it a great one. Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas too! I went to see the fireworks in Sydney for the first time ever this year and it was beautiful, am thinking of making a post of essentials you need to bring for that day/events like that, so keep your eyes peeled!

I know I have been a bit slack recently and lacking interesting content as it’s all mainly been reviews but hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things and feel more inspired to blog again.

Love you all and thanks for sticking by!

Amy xx

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Review: Scunci Quick Twist Hair Tool

2015-12-04 08.06.22

Hi guys!

Today I’ve got a review on the Scunci Quick Twist which is a really interesting tool you use to create ‘braids’ in your hair. I’ve inserted a video for you guys to see it in action.


Beauty Hack #1: Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo?!


Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d share a quick beauty hack with y’all and yes, believe it or not you can use baby powder as an alternative to dry shampoo if you’ve run out and urgently need some or if you just want to try it out. It really does work, I used baby shampoo to soak up the oil in my hair even before I used dry shampoo!