Trend Alert: Baker Boy Hats


Hey guys!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a trend post but here we are! The latest trend that I’ve seen going around (and am living for) are the baker boy hats. If you’d like to see some pics and know my thoughts, please keep reading!



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“Styling Sneakers” Trend?!


Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d make a post on the rising popularity of styling sneakers with an outfit. Although this trend is definitely not new, it’s still really popular. I feel as if adding sneakers to an outfit wears it down and gives it a more casual, tom-boy look. I have mixed feelings on this trend, I think it can look really good but also look ‘meh’ if not styled with the right clothes. I would wear this look for a casual day shopping, to the city, an outing – it’s perfect for a day where you need to walk heaps! I’d probably skip wearing this to more formal/semi-formal events though like dinner. But, I love how it’s comfy yet stylish and can definitely see why people love to rock it. I have noticed the Adidas Originals sneakers have become super popular lately too, heaps of people are sporting them all around. To me, they’re okay but I much prefer how Nikes look like the Rosche or even the Free Runners, they’re super stylish.

Here are some pics of girls sporting the trend:


“Ombré Lip” Trend?!

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a trend post for y’all and it’s the ombré lip trend. I’m a bit late to make a post about these but they are definitely still popular from what I’ve observed. I love the creative, bold looks they create if you opt to use bright or dark colours, alternatively you can go for a soft, more casual look with a variation of pinks. I haven’t tried these myself but imagine it would take quite a bit of practice to make them look sleek and flawless. I feel like the bolder ombré lips would be perfect for music festivals or costume parties.

Have any of you guys tried it out and if so how did it turn out?

Here are some pics (be sure to leave a vote down below about which one was your fav!):




“Layering Necklaces” Trend?!


Hi guys!

So a recently a popular thing to do to spruce up an outfit is to layer necklaces. I’m all for this trend and think it gives a sophisticated yet somewhat casual feel to an outfit, it really depends on how/how many you layer. I have also recently ordered two pairs of layered necklaces and can’t wait for them to arrive!

On to some pictures of this beautiful trend:


“Fringe” Clothing + Bags/Accessories Trend?!


Hello guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “trend” post so I have got one here for you today. This trend seems to have been popular last year and is coming back again this year, especially for spring. I’ve got some photos of fringe clothing and accessories (bags) to show you guys and hopefully give you some inspiration for the next time you go shopping! My opinion on this trend initially was “eh” but as I keep seeing people sporting it, I think it actually look quite cute with the exception of some cardigans and kimonos with the fringe on them… they sometimes look like rugs to me! I’m not too fond on how they look on bags either – I’d prefer a different style – however I love how they look on bikinis, scarfs and some tops.

736-Dark-Tropic-Velvet-Fringe-Tank-1 clothing-tops-blouse-36p5-t1430-black_black_1 white-fringe-topimg_1723 img_1239 topshop-ivory-premium-fringe-kimono-product-2-11605142-712826686 1110-Reverse-Sweet-Worship-Velvet-Fringe-Kimono-11388-Indah-Playa-Drawstring-Fringe-Short-for-Women-2 j03zc2-i 20141115085955000-2014112516333400-23fringe-cozy-infinity-scarf-in-red_1024x1024 prada-cammello-cervo-fringe-tote-bag-product-3-5921225-076652012 wnf_14523b_f_tan_copy zara-fringed-bag-1

What are your thoughts on this trend? Leave a comment/vote down below!

Amy x

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“Silver Hair” Trend?!

Hey everyone!

So I’ve got another recent trend for you all which is silver coloured hair (often with a purple undertone, as seen in most of the pictures below)! Now I think this trend is quite controversial and depends on your personal taste immensely. Personally, I don’t really like this look as it does remind me a bit of grandma hair, however it looks quite good on some people such as Eugenie.

Here are some pics of girls sporting the hair:

gr2 a721c85bfb0917c606ae3866eb24d95c 98c44681880f140d70b3d75ad11024e3grey-hair 3546735d26d03f4356b3a5ea9bb3d22e  652eb395ef9f11c543c37fa06cb5e155 8a7cb83f07f3f1057a151241f9a3c81f

Would you ever be bold enough to sport this look or do you just plain dislike it? I can’t imagine myself ever dying my hair this colour, I mean, I could just wait till I’m a grandma, haha. If not this colour, would you ever bleach it light blonde? I think that looks much better. Any who, if you’re brave enough to try this out it may pay off & could possibly look stunning! What are your thoughts on this trend? Leave a comment down below and/or leave a vote!

Amy x

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