Featuring: Ananke Jewelery by Danna Gussman


Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post featuring and ETSY shop so I’m excited to get onto it! This time I’ll be featuring beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery from Danna Gussman, her ETSY store is called “Ananke Jewelery”. Her store consists of affordable yet gorgeous necklaces and earrings and she ships worldwide so no one is missing out. On top of that, she is currently having a sale until 31st August and I have taken the liberty to add that information to this post for y’all in case you’re interested:

ANANKE SUMMER SALE!!!! From today untill the 31st August:
Buy 1 necklace and get 10% off with coupon code: 10SUMMER
Buy 2 or more necklaces and get 20% off with coupon code: 10SUMMER
Prices shown are BEFORE discount.


“Layering Necklaces” Trend?!


Hi guys!

So a recently a popular thing to do to spruce up an outfit is to layer necklaces. I’m all for this trend and think it gives a sophisticated yet somewhat casual feel to an outfit, it really depends on how/how many you layer. I have also recently ordered two pairs of layered necklaces and can’t wait for them to arrive!

On to some pictures of this beautiful trend:


Featuring: RasaVilJewelery

Hi guys!

Ok, so I was browsing around ETSY and Rasa reached out to me (her shop name is RasaVilJewelery). I checked out her store and absolutely LOVE her statement jewellery pieces. I think they are an excellent way to spice up an outfit or add sophistication. Here are my top five favourite pieces from her!

The first one:il_570xN.703585771_gluoHow gorgeous is this piece? I love the unique, sophisticated vibe it gives off. It even has a bit of a ‘mysterious’ feel to it. I would definitely wear this necklace to add an extra ‘wow’ factor to my outfits at semi-special/special events. I love how it is really simple, yet beautiful – all the focus is on the gorgeous jewel in the middle, which I imagine shines brilliantly when the light hits it. This one is favourite out of all the ones I’m featuring!

The second one:

il_570xN.702898058_o28mHow elegant is this piece? This is a great option if you really want to make a statement, in my opinion this necklace is a show stopper. You can really see how much care has been taken in the creation of this – every detail is perfectly organised and really compliments the overall look of it. I think this would look so gorgeous with a long, white dress with small blots of colour (or even just plain white), it would definitely be the main focus and star of the outfit.

The third one:

il_570xN.605033034_952tOkay guys, honestly how fashionable is this necklace? I love the mermaid-like feel it gives off. I think this necklace would definitely be a compliment grabber. I love the overall colour scheme of gold, white and blue – these colours always look amazing together. The blue jewels and gold touch gives it a more sophisticated feel, making it definitely wearable for important events.

The fourth one:

il_570xN.478244092_r6n1This piece is less bold than the others but still is a stunning piece – it will make an outfit look effortless. If you aren’t feeling like being in the spot-light as much, this necklace would be perfect. I love how it looks simple yet elegant and that it would easily match almost every outfit you create! Easy to match necklaces are a must in my jewellery and outfit staples.

A closer look of the fine details:


The fifth one:

il_570xN.703814073_1pwwLast but not least, a bracelet! I love this bracelet as it has the gorgeous, opaque jewel in the middle – I think this shows finesse and is very stylish. This is a more toned down statement piece, which is perfect if you want it to compliment an outfit without overdoing it. The beautiful beads around the jewel add texture and makes the bracelet stand out compared to other normal bracelets.

If you guys would like to see more of Rasa’s handmade (can you believe they’re handmade – she is truly talented) jewellery you can check out her store at: – she even allows custom orders!

To connect with her:

Let me know which your favourite piece is that I featured! Mine is the first one – it is just gorgeous and definitely down my alley!

Amy x

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