“Layering Necklaces” Trend?!


Hi guys!

So a recently a popular thing to do to spruce up an outfit is to layer necklaces. I’m all for this trend and think it gives a sophisticated yet somewhat casual feel to an outfit, it really depends on how/how many you layer. I have also recently ordered two pairs of layered necklaces and can’t wait for them to arrive!

On to some pictures of this beautiful trend:

dsc_0489 iPhoto Library
necklaces1-e1374002462796 screen_shot_2014-05-20_at_6.39.12_pm tumblr_mzarwnHyIR1qmxlano1_1280

I absolutely love how this trend looks and it definitely adds a little something to an outfit! You can use this to dress up and outfit or to just add an extra oomph to it and it’s so easy to do! What are your thoughts on this trend – leave a comment/vote below!

Amy x

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  1. I like this trend even I wore them like this only once or twice:) I remeber it was popular long time ago also. It looks very nice with now trendy boho-hippie outfits:)

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  2. I 100% hitch them! Looooooove layered necklaces and I think they’re a great way of wearing your favourite necklaces together 😉

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    1. Hahaha oh gosh I experienced that for the past week until a friend untangled it for me (goodness knows how… It was actually a crazy knot). Wore this trend today and loooved it! Note, I was really careful in ensuring it didn’t get tangled again bahahha;) xxx

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  3. LOVEEEE THIS POST! no screaming intended haha. Really intrigued with your blog. So many great posts. Thanks for the support on my blog xx

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  4. I think when it’s done with delicate more expensive looking pieces it looks really sophisticated and when it’d done with chunkier pieces it looks really edgy. I love them both.

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