Classic Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own


Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post for y’all on jewellery essentials. Even if you’re not the biggest jewellery fan in the world, you can’t deny that there are just some things that look stunning no matter how much you try to resist it.

If you ever look at a picture of Audrey Hepburn, for example. Don’t you agree that she just looks so elegant and beautiful, even though she hasn’t gone over the top with her outfit or jewellery.

She knew the secret was less is more, and she truly lived by it when it came to her style – that’s why those pieces, such as a nice black dress or some simple pearls will always look great no matter what.

They’re just classic, timeless items that still look as elegant today as they did back then.

So, whether you’re just looking for a few accessories to give your daily wardrobe a little bit of a boost, or you’re in search of something specific and unique, such as handmade jewelry for some party looks over the festive period, then hopefully these tips will give you some inspiration on what to keep an eye out for.

A Necklace


When it comes to necklaces, simple is definitely the way to go. You want to allow your necklace to highlight your outfit by providing a bit of contrast to it. For example, a nice black evening dress would be perfectly complimented by a sterling silver or white gold necklace with a single diamond, or with your birthstone, such as ruby or amethyst.

Stones, such as topaz, aquamarine, and emerald will look great against white dresses or lighter colored outfits.



Granted, not everyone is a fan of earrings – especially when you don’t have pierced ears, then the choices are pretty limited, anyway. If you do like them, then a nice pair to match your necklace can actually look beautiful. They’re going to look especially good if you have short hair or are wearing your hair up, because then the earrings and necklace will be shown together in all their beauty. If you’re looking for even more of an Audrey Hepburn look, then Pearl Earrings are the way to go. These will never lose their charm and will truly look beautiful for any occasion.

Watch Or Bracelet

A watch is either one of those things you love to wear or you never wear – there really seems to be no in between with this. If you wear watches, then getting a good one that will last you for a long time and actually can be worn with many outfits makes most sense. These make perfect accessories on their own, and when chosen right, can actually complete an outfit. If you’re not really into watches, then a nice bracelet might be more your thing instead.

Anklets & Toe-rings


Although foot and ankle jewelry seems to be far less common than the rest, it’s still readily available for those who want to wear it, and can actually look amazing with certain outfits. You don’t have to be just dressed for the beach to be able to pull of a toe-ring – depending on the shoes you wear and the overall outfit, then either of these can make a very nice addition to your look.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know your jewellery essential. Mine would definitely have to be a necklace – I feel like they just finish off your outfit or add so much ‘oomph’ into one!

Amy x

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