What Your Jewellery Says About You


It doesn’t seem to matter the type of outfit you wear; accessories always enhance it. You could be dressed down in boyfriend jeans and a vest, but add a chunky necklace in bold colour or bangles up the wrists and you’ve given your outfit something more to draw the eye. The pieces of jewellery you choose say a lot about you as a person, even when you think you’re just adding a gorgeous set of droplet earrings. Your jewellery reflects your personality; from the metal you choose to the size of the gems.

Large, statement pieces of jewellery such as these that are big, bright and have a beautiful shine to them tells the world you are a bold, strong person who isn’t afraid to be the centre of attention. We all know that chunky jewels, whether real or costume, are an eye-catching item to wear. Large jewellery necklaces and rings always reflect a confident woman who can own that outfit like no one else can. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of bling, so don’t be afraid to show it off.


Piercings are another way to show yourself as someone who is a fan of the spotlight. Jewellery you wear through the skin is always as beautiful as that you take on and off at the end of the day and with piercings, you’re showing the world your rebellious side. This refers to body piercings more than the standard lobe piercing, but even earrings that decorate the entire ear can splash your rebellious confidence around!

There are items of jewellery in the world that truly shows your chic side and one of the most popular is a strand of simple pearls. You may already have simple, elegant jewellery in the form of Verragio diamond rings, but with pearls you’ve accentuated your classy side. You can dress up a dress or even a simple pair of jeans with pearls and they are rather timeless in their appearance.

A very popular way to wear jewellery is by layering it and this website has some great examples on how to do that. Whether you wear triple strand pearls or simply lay delicate silver bangles over leather wrist cuffs, you are drawing attention to yourself, but only to the part you have decorated. Lots of layers in your jewellery can actually make you look slimmer and they can make the simplest outfit quirky.


Coloured jewellery isn’t as popular as the standard metals, but girls who choose funky colours over the standard look says a lot about you as a person. It’s really the colour you choose, such as red which is indicative of an outgoing personality. If you match your jewellery accessories to your outfits, you’re showing the world you’re a calm, organised perfectionist.

Stand out with the jewellery you choose and never be afraid to be bold with the pieces you pick. Just because you have no vintage outfit to match the vintage chains you love so much, there’s nothing stopping you clashing the modern workwear you own to the vintage jewels in the jewellery box. It’s a common trend and you should want to make every outfit you have pop!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Amy x

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