Review & How To: Daiso Sponge Detergent & Brush Cleaner ($2.80 each)

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be telling y’all how I wash and spot clean my makeup brushes as well as reviewing the products I use which are the Daiso Sponge Detergent and the Daiso Brush Cleaner. If you’d like to know how, please keep reading!

To deep clean my makeup brushes I either use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or the Daiso Sponge Detergent and to spot clean I use Daiso’s Brush Cleaner. The Daiso products are only $2.80 here in Australia and I believe are only $2 in the US (I could be wrong about this, but either way their products are super affordable and effective).

First of all I’ll start with the Daiso Sponge Detergent. This sponge detergent is great for deep cleaning either your sponge or brushes. I’ve used this countless times on my Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge and it’s got rid of all the foundation stains on it, making it look brand new again. To do this you just need to wet the sponge, add a generous amount of the detergent on the sponge and squish the sponge, you want to do it in a motion where you’re pushing the foundation trapped inside outwards. Repeat this about 1-3 times and your sponge will look brand new!

To wash your makeup brushes, just wet your brush bristles and add a small amount of the detergent onto your hand or makeup brush board and then swirl the brush around in the detergent. You should see all the foundation coming out and then rinse your brush. You can repeat this one more time if you feel like your brush isn’t clean enough but it should be. The sponge detergent has no scent at all and I’d highly recommend it.

Now on to spot cleaning your makeup brushes. I like to use the Daiso Brush Cleaner to do this. This one does a have a weird, chemical like scent to it but I have got used to it. This product is quite effective to and great for spot cleaning.

How I use this product is putting a small amount either a towel or paper towel and then swirling my brush on top of it. This way all the foundation/makeup should come off your brush and transfer onto the towel. It works really well and doesn’t take too long to dry either.

If I had to recommend one out of the two I’d definitely recommend the Daiso Sponge Detergent, however both only cost $2.80 so it wouldn’t hurt giving both a go if you’re curious!

Daiso is honestly my weakness and I love going there to see what cool things I can find. I can’t seem to leave there without at least one product each time I go! Anyway, I hope you guys found this review & how to useful and let me know your thoughts on their brush & sponge cleaning products as well as your must-have from Daiso.

Amy x

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  1. The Daiso is the BEST. I which I’d bought more when I was in Japan. I had to order them online and they’re at least 3x the price. Still very inexpensive though.


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