Taking A Look At: EMU Australia

2017-03-08 23.02.09

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be taking a look at EMU Australia which is a shoe brand here in Australia (click here to locate the closest store to you). They have an online store too with free shipping within Australia. The shoe I’ve received from them is perfect for the cooler weather in Australia (honestly, I’ve been waiting for autumn and winter to come around – it was way too hot this summer!).

Just a little bit about the brand:

Emus stand tall and proud, they move forward at vast speed and don’t take a backward step.

They’re resourceful, exceptionally fast and can survive on little food and water in the desert.

We choose EMU as our brand name to reflect our values.


We believe in the Ever Natural. It started with a love affair with the beauty of the Australian landscape, and a desire for a natural style that thrived in the elements. Nature is the greatest inventor; we’re just following her lead.

They have a range of different shoes from slip ons, slippers, sheepskin boots, etc. The one I have received is a super cute and comfy slipper for in doors; the particular style is called “Jolie” and comes in a range of different colours. The first thing I noticed when I unboxed them was the quality. They look very expensive and sturdy as well as feeling super soft and of great quality. I particularly love the style of Jolie and am a fan of wearing slippers in doors, especially since winter is coming up and the tiled floors are going to be way to cold to step on bare foot!

Anyway, here’s a few more pics of the shoe up close so you guys can see how it looks.

2017-03-08 23.02.09

2017-03-08 23.00.532017-03-08 23.01.12

I’d definitely recommend checking out this brand if you’re after high quality shoes, I can definitely vouch for their slippers and I’m positive the rest of their products are just as amazing. This would be a perfect gift for someone’s birthday in my opinion since winter is just around the corner!

Amy x

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