New Products: Beauty & Skincare (2016)


Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post about some of the latest releases on the beauty market including products from brands such as Essence, Avene, Rimmel and Australis. If you’d like to see what’s new and my thoughts on them please keep reading.

First up is one of my favourite affordable drugstore brands, Essence. To be honest, Essence rarely fails to impress me and I am always excited to see their new releases. For the price of their products, their quality is exceptional (although some products can be hit or miss).

Anyway, they’ve released a few more lippies as well as some eye and face products.


Essence has brought out some new “Matt Matt Matt Lip Glosses”. The name is quite strange as how can a lip gloss be matte? Anyway, as soon as I swatched these I was reminded of the Revlon HD Matte Lip Colours. They smell very similar and also have a similar texture and feel on the lips, except are a fraction of the price! These feel very velvety on the lips and are quite easy to apply. They dry semi-matte and are not drying at all, unlike the Australis Velour Lips. As these only cost $4.70, I’d definitely recommend trying at least one shade out if you’re after a comfortable, non-drying matte lippy.

They’ve also brought out a few more lipstick shades. I love Essence lipsticks, these ones are no exception. I find them to always be extremely pigmented and comfortable on the lips. Definitely recommend them – they are so affordable. You do need to reapply throughout the day though.


Essence has also come out with an “illuminating palette” aka a highlighting palette, which is extremely exciting to see. The shades in this palette are very nice and quite pigmented, however I did find them to be a bit powdery. They swatch quite nicely but don’t last as long on the cheeks. I like the natural glow they give off, if you want a more intense glow, you could try wetting your brush first before using this palette. I think this palette would be good if you’re just getting into makeup or highlighting and want to experiment, however if you’re a highlighter enthusiast, this probably won’t impress you as much.

They have also come out with a new Satin Touch Blush – the one pictured above is in the shade “10 – Satin Coral” and is a really pretty dusty pink. It’s super smooth, buttery and easy to blend on the cheeks.


2016-12-07 12.21.39.jpg

Avene has come out with a new skincare line called “Tolerance Extreme”, it includes a new cleansing lotion and a lightweight & heavy duty moisturiser.

I like the cleansing lotion, it isn’t as drying as normal cleansers and has a nice, clean scent to it. After use my face felt extremely clean, fresh and not dry at all. I’d definitely recommend this cleansing lotion if you have dryer skin.

They have also come out with a lightweight and heavy duty moisturiser. I feel like the lightweight (Tolerance Extreme Emulsion) one is perfect for the current Spring/Summer weather in Australia at the moment. Although it’s lightweight, it is still very moisturising. I like to wear this one under my makeup to ensure a smooth, hydrated base is created.

For the heavy duty one (Tolerance Extreme Cream), I like to use this at night (it’s also perfect for the drier Autumn/Winter weather) since it’s heavier and more thick in consistency. You can feel this one on your face but it absorbs very quick and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling on your face. I love how moisturised my face feels in the morning after using this one.

2016-11-19-17-29-34I bought this Lightening Australis Match Making product during the 40% off cosmetics Priceline sale. I was so keen to try this out since it’s only $19.95, cheaper than the Cover FX drops and the Body Shop one. Honestly, I think it works quite well at lightening foundations without changing the undertone, you should just add little by  little to ensure your foundation doesn’t become too light.

The only thing I really don’t like about this product is the packaging itself. The dropper I have is SUPER bad, it only dispenses one drop at a time and only sucks up a tiny amount of product. Upon putting the dropped back into the bottle, a lot of product from the stick gets pushed off on the side of the bottle meaning that a tonne of product is wasted (much more than you use…). Apart from this slight issue, I like the product itself.


Swatches from left to right (on the palette). Palette – Grunge Eyes 03.

Rimmel has come out with a new eyeshadow palette: Magnify’ Eyes! The shade range is quite sultry and perfect for nights out or a more dramatic eye. The pigmentation of the darker shades are amazing as expected, the lighter shades being quite good as well but not as good as the dark ones. The eyeshadows are easy to blend but I do recommend wearing them with an eyeshadow primer to avoid creasing and increasing the longevity. Overall, a great, affordable palette from the drugstore that’s definitely worth trying out if you like the shade range.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about some of the newest releases in November & December. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them and your thoughts on them!

Amy x

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