Review: Innoxa Hydroboost Foundation


Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a review for y’all on the new Innoxa Hydroboost Foundation. I saw this in Priceline for 40% off and thought why not give it a go, it sounds great and I loved the packaging. However, I really wasn’t too impressed with how the foundation wore. If you’d like to see why, please keep reading!

Alright so, since the foundation is normally priced at $36.95, I had super high expectations for it. I haven’t actually tried anything from Innoxa before either so I was keen to give it a ago. Unfortunately, the first time I used this foundation with their primer mist it fully disappeared after 3 hours of wear. I had even set it with a powder to increase the longevity of it, this seriously unimpressed me. So then I decided to use my L’Oreal Base Magic Primer under the foundation instead in hopes of it lasting longer. Luckily it did last a little longer, I’d say an extra 1-2 hours but faded a lot in some areas.

In relation to the application, you do need a lot of product to get decent coverage on your face but overall I’d say this foundation is definitely a light coverage one and is quite hard to build. It is also quite hard to blend out on your face evenly and can be streaky if you’re not careful. The foundation also transfers like crazy which isn’t that great. I find that the foundation at least feels very light weight on my face, essentially like nothing and is quite hydrating. The colours are also quite orangey and I had to use some lightening drops to make the colour match better for me – I use 20 Sand.


  • Light weight
  • Hydrating


  • Transfer a lot
  • Hard to blend, can be streaky
  • Does NOT last long at all (2-3 hours until fully disappearing)
  • Requires a lot of product for a decent coverage
  • Orangey colour range

Rate: 1/5

Overall, I was super unimpressed with this foundation and wouldn’t actually recommend it to anyone. It’s definitely not worth the money at all, such a let down!

Hope you guys at least found this review helpful when making your decision to try this foundation or not. Thanks for reading! I will continue using up the foundation so I don’t waste my money but definitely will not repurchase.

Amy x

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  1. Don’t you hate that?! Having high expectations of something and then just being disappointed later? Good review, by the way! I’m so picky with what foundation I want to use/purchase.


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