The Secrets of Rocking Leather Like A Pro


Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post featuring tips and tricks on how to style leather or faux leather clothing. If you’re interested, please keep reading!

Leather Fashion is synonymous of sexiness and class. But it is also a difficult style to achieve. Too much of it and you soon end up looking like some cheap cow fillet, and that isn’t a look that you want to cultivate! Too little and it goes unnoticed. So how do make the most of a fashion trend without overdoing it and while getting noticed for all the right reasons? Every fashion style has its secrets, and to rock the leather fashion, it’s important to understand who can wear it and how.


You have probably heard that you should stay away from leather fashion. This sounds very unfair and quite discriminatory too! But thankfully, it is also completely wrong. You can embrace leather fashion with all your curves and rock it like a true fashionista. The key is to use leather as an accessory to embellish your outfit while making a stylish fashion statement. For these, there are plenty of great tips that will completely revamp your style. High boots in smooth leather will give you the legs of a goddess without needing to sweat at the gym, for example. If you’re not into shoes, how about looking for a trendy leather backpack to add a rock n’ roll feel to your silhouette?


You love fashion in all its shapes, and this is a perfect description of your body: You are neither curvy nor skinny, neither tall nor petite. You sit just in between, comfortable in most types of fashion but yet never at home anywhere. While you might not see it yet, your silhouette is ideal to pull out the fashionable leather statement in your everyday outfit. With the season’s trend being tan material you have plenty of choices to play with, such as a short tan jacket for the office, or a long tan coat to keep the wind at bay. If you’re not a jacket type, a large tan colored belt will give you a stylish finish without forcing you to fully renew your wardrobe. Fashion is nice, but it can be a very expensive hobby too! Be playful, and mix your tan accessory with a flower blouse for a bohemian style, or with brown and black outfit to spice up your workwear. Anything is possible! If you are up for it, why not get an A-line skirt too to create a dynamic yet trendy leather silhouette?


Your body was made to wear leather pencil skirts and turn heads everywhere you go. While the trend is on tan colors, you can play with dark leather, and even add a dash of color with a red skirt if you feel confident enough. What is important to remember is that you can’t play the all leather outfit as this will immediately kill the sense of sophistication that you get from wearing such a pure material. A simple blouse in neutral tones can complement a leather skirt perfectly. Make sure as well that you are not overplaying the heels: High heels are fine is you are wearing a skirt that covers your knees. If you opted for a mini skirt, you should stick to low heels or flat shoes.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Amy x

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