“Styling Sneakers” Trend?!


Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d make a post on the rising popularity of styling sneakers with an outfit. Although this trend is definitely not new, it’s still really popular. I feel as if adding sneakers to an outfit wears it down and gives it a more casual, tom-boy look. I have mixed feelings on this trend, I think it can look really good but also look ‘meh’ if not styled with the right clothes. I would wear this look for a casual day shopping, to the city, an outing – it’s perfect for a day where you need to walk heaps! I’d probably skip wearing this to more formal/semi-formal events though like dinner. But, I love how it’s comfy yet stylish and can definitely see why people love to rock it. I have noticed the Adidas Originals sneakers have become super popular lately too, heaps of people are sporting them all around. To me, they’re okay but I much prefer how Nikes look like the Rosche or even the Free Runners, they’re super stylish.

Here are some pics of girls sporting the trend:

048 a508e8e3464c799a615da17ad550b229 cute sneakers-street-style-mango-belt-black-leather-converse-shoes-sneakers-soho-new-york Sneakers-with-cuffed-jeans-torn- Street-Style-May-201557 Street-Style33

So, what are your thoughts? Do/would you sport this look? I know I would but probably not with the baggy, work looking pants, I think it’s too much of a contrast and looks a bit sloppy. Other than that I’m loving how the sneakers look paired with the dress, skirts, shorts and jeans! It definitely gives a more casual, sporty feel to the outfit.

Don’t forget to leave a comment/vote letting me know what you think of this! Also, let me know what your favourite brand and type of sneaker is. Mine would be the Nike Free Runners, I have the black and white ones. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.


Amy x

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  1. I agree with you 110% Amy! I would sport sneakers with more comfy/casual outfits; ideally skirts, shorts and distressed jeans. I would not be caught rocking sneakers with trousers or fully suited looks; definitely too sloppy for me and I would much rather prefer wearing heels with such looks. I love sneaker wedges as they give me that extra bit of height of course and my favorite brands for sneakers are Converse and Nike!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

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