Review: Scunci Quick Twist Hair Tool

2015-12-04 08.06.22

Hi guys!

Today I’ve got a review on the Scunci Quick Twist which is a really interesting tool you use to create ‘braids’ in your hair. I’ve inserted a video for you guys to see it in action.

2015-12-04 08.06.37


I found this product to really innovative and was keen to try it out. It definitely does create ‘braids’ (although it’s just twisting your hair together) super fast which does speed up the process of getting ready when you’re in a rush – using the tool does get take some getting used to though. The product itself is quite fun to use as it’s quite different and does create a nice tight twirl.

  • Creates tight ‘braids’ within seconds
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great for when you’re in a rush
  • Fun to use


I found that the first step which is it twisting your hair can create a mess and turn your hair into a semi-knot at the part where your hair clips in. I’m not sure how to avoid this like the lady in the video but it only happened some times, I think it depends on how you hold the tool.

  • Can create ‘semi-knots’

I think this product is definitely not necessary in our everyday lives but is such a fun and innovative product, it would be great for Christmas presents or if you just like to try out new things.

The Scunci Quick Twist is available online for $29.95 on the Scunci website or at selected retailers.

Amy x

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