Feathered Eyebrow Trend?!


Hey guys!

Long time no trend post. Well, today I have one for y’all and it’s on the latest trend: the feathered eyebrow. To be honest I’m not a fan of this trend and think it looks quite odd and cannot imagine anyone wearing this out. It does look cool in pictures though, I guess? If you want to see some pics of girls sporting this look just keep reading.

Bless'ed Are The Meek - Backstage - MBFWA S/S 2013/14feathered_browsnintchdbpict000317015920-e1492249425116

Okay, honestly the first picture creeps me out a little, especially since she has no eye makeup on to balance it out it’s even more bold. The second picture is much more subtle and I do think it looks quite nice but again, would never wear it out. I don’t know, overall I am not a fan of this trend. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments/leave a vote.

Amy x

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