Fab & Healthy: How To Look Stylish During Your Workout


Like the rest of the fashion world, workout clothes are constantly evolving to match trends. Unlike day-to-day garments, however, a gym outfit has to provide comfort and support to help you perform better in your chosen sport.

Whether you’re working out at home or showing off at the gym, here are the current fitness fashion trends of 2017.



Some do it because they’re environmentally conscious, other do it because they’re trying to save money on bus fare. Either way, cycling to work is an emerging trend now that the weather is improving. Unfortunately, you can’t cycle to work in your business suit; not only will it restrict your movements, but you will have an unpleasant odor following you around all day.

A cyclist needs three things; a bag that closes securely and keeps hands free, pants that won’t get caught in the gears, and sneakers with good traction on the bottom. Mid-thigh workout pants fit the bill, and your bag should hold your folded business outfit and all your paperwork for the day. Add a sweat-friendly bomber jacket in the colder months to look good even in winter.



Leggings have clung to life in the form of yoga pants because they’re comfortable and flexible enough to keep up with an intense yoga session. But they are no longer just available in single colors. This year, the trend has been to have tropical motifs printed on your yoga pants; palm trees, bright colors, and flowers to name a few.

Also, with many fusion yoga classes popping up all over the place, unitards have made an appearance in yoga studios. It may seem strange at first, but they don’t fly all over the place like loose tops do, especially when doing headstands.


A woman’s best gym buddy is a good sports bra; you can’t have enough support when you’re training for a marathon. But over the past year, sports bras have evolved from hidden support to the main attraction. Activewear brands have introduced performance bralettes and crop tops, with cuts that are comfortable and super supportive. Not to mention stylish. Of course, you might be worried about the cost, since sports bras seemed expensive enough. Cut the cost with a finish line promo code.

Tank tops

Sleeveless shirts have always had a dual purpose at the gym; they keep the sweat from your arms and show off the results of your weight-lifting sessions. Now activewear tank tops have been given a Hollywood makeover. Cut-outs have been showing up on red carpet A-listers for months, so it was only a matter of time before they showed up on the exercise mats. Not only do they look great, but your skin has more room to breathe while you turn up the speed on the treadmill.



The best footwear will provide adequate cushioning and arch support for your feet, especially during high-impact exercises. Otherwise, they can be as stylish as you’d like. Bright neon colors will keep you safe when running at night.

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  1. The best way to find running shoes is to actually RUN in them. Many of the smaller stores around here will let you run around the block a few times in them, and they watch your gait to recommend the best fit. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t always come in the colors you LIKE! But the health of your feet and knees is worth it.

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