Review: Pixi #MultiMisting Sprays

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Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a review on Pixi by Petra’s four misting sprays including the: Invigorate & Revive spray (Vitamin Wakeup Mist), the Hydrate & Soothe spray (Hydrating Milky Mist), Set & Hydrate spray (Makeup Fixing Mist) and Glow & Nourish spray (Glow Mist). If you’d like to know my thoughts then keep on reading!

Invigorate & Revive spray (Vitamin Wakeup Mist)

This one would have to be my favourite out of the four mists. I have been using this every morning and at night as I start my skincare routine. It smells of citrus and is extremely hydrating. I find that the spray is not as dispersed/fine – it is quite direct so keep that in mind. I kind of like it thought since it sprays out a decent amount of product over my face. I find that this leaves my skin more glowy and hydrated throughout the day.

Hydrate & Soothe spray (Hydrating Milky Mist)

I like to use this spray when I use mineral foundation or when my skin feels extra dry. I like how this spray makes my makeup look less powdery and it does feel less dry when I use mineral foundation – sometimes the mineral foundation feels like it’s clinging onto my skin when it’s dehydrated. The mist is nice and fine on this one.

Set & Hydrate spray (Makeup Fixing Mist)

Again, like the previous mist this is is very fine. I find that this does help my makeup last a little longer (not as long as the UD Setting Spray) as well as remove the powdery look on my face.

Glow & Nourish spray (Glow Mist)

Again, has a very fine mist. This is probably my second favourite spray out of the lot as it does leave my face looking very glowy and healthy. Just a tip: I do avoid spraying this around my eye area though since it contains oil; I don’t want my makeup to smudge throughout the day. Again, this helps take away the powdery look as well and gives a lovely, healthy glow to the face.

These products are available in Sephora here in Aus as well as online on the Pixi website.

I hope you guys found this review helpful and let me know your favourite product by Pixi!

Amy x

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