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“Bronde” Hair Trend?!


Hi guys!

Today I’ve got another trend post for y’all and it’s on bronde hair. In case you’re unsure of what that is, it is just a combination of blonde and brown hair which looks quite nice to me. It seems to be the ‘in’ hair colour at the moment and is seemingly liked as much as the ombre hairstyle. Here are some pics of the girls sporting the hair colour.


“Man Bun” Trend?!


Hey guys!

So today I’ve got another trend post for y’all – these are one of my favourite types of posts to do. This post is going to be about… the “man bun”. Now, to be honest I absolutely despise this trend and think it looks horrific! The only “sort of” way this hair style looks nice to me is if the sides are shaved (you’ll see in some pictures below). I have never liked long hair on guys and think short, sleek hair looks much better, but that’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear your opinions on this trend! My own boyfriend begun to wear this a few months ago, but thankfully he cut his hair after letting it grow super long… except his hair grows lightning fast and we’re almost at the same stage again -_-.


“Kimono” Spring/Autumn Trend?!


Hello everyone!

Today I’ve got a post just in time for the spring time (sort of) for you guys in the northern hemisphere! It’s about the kimono trend, which is a sort of sheer cardigan that you can easily throw over your tops to give you some protection from the wind – perfect for the beach or a day out. This could also be perfect for those of you in autumn now (such as myself) on those days where it’s not freezing but not scorching hot. I think this trend is elegant, beautiful and definitely a must have fashion piece!


Featuring: Scarves & Accessories by Ima Picó

Hi guys!

So today I’ve got a post for y’all featuring an ETSY store which sells scarves and accessories by Ima Picó. Her work is utterly amazing, trendy and vibrant.

Here’s a statement by Ima:

You will find unique silk scarves for women and pocket squares for men and other handmade accessories such as necklaces, beaded bracelets, wrapped bangles, brooches, pin flowers and small decorating pillows all designed by me and printed on natural silk.

I accept customs orders, so have a look around and if you find something you like but prefer another size/color, please let me know and I might be able to help you.

On to her work!

I’ve picked to feature two of her scarves:

I feel this scarf would be perfect for autumn as it has cool colours which helps begin the transition into winter fashion. It still has pops of colours which avoids the feeling of a dull outfit.

cropped-makeup il_570xN.737670072_f5y1The second scarf I have chosen is this one; it’s vibrant and perfect for the transition into spring. The bright colours give a playful, joyous feel to the outfit – making it a somewhat statement piece. The colours on this scarf screams out spring!

il_570xN.658894863_qx15 il_570xN.658894909_3eg0Now onto the accessories:

This is a unique, subtle yet pretty necklace. The colours are not too vibrant, instead have a calm, sophisticated sense to them. This would be perfect to spice up an ordinary outfit in the spring or summer time.

il_570xN.714038076_lq0pThis bracelet is another amazing piece my Ima, it has quirky, bright colours similar to one of the scarves mentioned above. It would be a perfect duo piece or a stand alone piece to bring some colour and life into your outfit. It is also made out of silk, making it extremely comfortable to wear throughout your day.


Lastly, my favourite piece by Ima; her pillows!

I can’t express how adorable these are; they are full of colour and would look magnificent on your sofa or even on your bed. I think these are a really fun piece to have around the house and also give off a spring/summer time vibe. If you don’t like this one, she has many more to choose from!

il_570xN.700106964_afy8 il_570xN.700230635_bezyCheck out her store/connect with her:

Ima has also kindly provided us with a discount code for 20% off items in her store! Use this at the checkout in her ETSY store: BUYHANDMADE20.

Let me know your favourite piece from her store & your thoughts on her work!

Amy x

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“Knee/Thigh High Socks” Trend?!

Hi guys!

So I’ve seen quite a few people sporting the knee high socks look and it does look quite cute! At first I was skeptical as it reminded me of animes and manga (nothing wrong with that) which I thought was a bit odd. However as I began to see them styled, I realised that the trend is actually quite cute especially with a t-shirt dress or even shorts. I think that this trend may make your legs look shorter though (especially if you’re already short) which is not what you want! The knee high socks trend gives a very girly, playful look.

Here are some pics of girls styling it:

2009121_IMG_4802 winter-1 Shorts-Floral-Knee-High-Socks-Denim-Vest image4xxl full-new


Although it’s a cute trend, I personally wouldn’t wear this out – it would be comfy at home during winter though! Let me know your thoughts on this trend & if you’d sport it.

 Amy x

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