“Knee/Thigh High Socks” Trend?!

Hi guys!

So I’ve seen quite a few people sporting the knee high socks look and it does look quite cute! At first I was skeptical as it reminded me of animes and manga (nothing wrong with that) which I thought was a bit odd. However as I began to see them styled, I realised that the trend is actually quite cute especially with a t-shirt dress or even shorts. I think that this trend may make your legs look shorter though (especially if you’re already short) which is not what you want! The knee high socks trend gives a very girly, playful look.

Here are some pics of girls styling it:

2009121_IMG_4802 winter-1 Shorts-Floral-Knee-High-Socks-Denim-Vest image4xxl full-new


Although it’s a cute trend, I personally wouldn’t wear this out – it would be comfy at home during winter though! Let me know your thoughts on this trend & if you’d sport it.

 Amy x

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