Featuring: Nata Home & Fashion


Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve featured an etsy shop on my blog so today I’m going to be featuring Nata Home & Fashion! Her store is filled with beautiful knits made from 100% merino wool, which is essentially one of the best wools on the market. So if you’d like to see some pieces from her store please keep reading.

I make Chunky Hand Knit Blankets, Great Knitted Throws, Bulky Yarn Knitting, Baby chunky blankets made with 100% Merino Wool.
Please take a look at our Chunky Wool Yarn and Chunky Wooden Needles for knitting you own Chunky creation with our Bulky Yarn!


Featuring: Ananke Jewelery by Danna Gussman


Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post featuring and ETSY shop so I’m excited to get onto it! This time I’ll be featuring beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery from Danna Gussman, her ETSY store is called “Ananke Jewelery”. Her store consists of affordable yet gorgeous necklaces and earrings and she ships worldwide so no one is missing out. On top of that, she is currently having a sale until 31st August and I have taken the liberty to add that information to this post for y’all in case you’re interested:

ANANKE SUMMER SALE!!!! From today untill the 31st August:
Buy 1 necklace and get 10% off with coupon code: 10SUMMER
Buy 2 or more necklaces and get 20% off with coupon code: 10SUMMER
Prices shown are BEFORE discount.


Featuring: Scarves & Accessories by Ima Picó

Hi guys!

So today I’ve got a post for y’all featuring an ETSY store which sells scarves and accessories by Ima Picó. Her work is utterly amazing, trendy and vibrant.

Here’s a statement by Ima:

You will find unique silk scarves for women and pocket squares for men and other handmade accessories such as necklaces, beaded bracelets, wrapped bangles, brooches, pin flowers and small decorating pillows all designed by me and printed on natural silk.

I accept customs orders, so have a look around and if you find something you like but prefer another size/color, please let me know and I might be able to help you.

On to her work!

I’ve picked to feature two of her scarves:

I feel this scarf would be perfect for autumn as it has cool colours which helps begin the transition into winter fashion. It still has pops of colours which avoids the feeling of a dull outfit.

cropped-makeup il_570xN.737670072_f5y1The second scarf I have chosen is this one; it’s vibrant and perfect for the transition into spring. The bright colours give a playful, joyous feel to the outfit – making it a somewhat statement piece. The colours on this scarf screams out spring!

il_570xN.658894863_qx15 il_570xN.658894909_3eg0Now onto the accessories:

This is a unique, subtle yet pretty necklace. The colours are not too vibrant, instead have a calm, sophisticated sense to them. This would be perfect to spice up an ordinary outfit in the spring or summer time.

il_570xN.714038076_lq0pThis bracelet is another amazing piece my Ima, it has quirky, bright colours similar to one of the scarves mentioned above. It would be a perfect duo piece or a stand alone piece to bring some colour and life into your outfit. It is also made out of silk, making it extremely comfortable to wear throughout your day.


Lastly, my favourite piece by Ima; her pillows!

I can’t express how adorable these are; they are full of colour and would look magnificent on your sofa or even on your bed. I think these are a really fun piece to have around the house and also give off a spring/summer time vibe. If you don’t like this one, she has many more to choose from!

il_570xN.700106964_afy8 il_570xN.700230635_bezyCheck out her store/connect with her:

Ima has also kindly provided us with a discount code for 20% off items in her store! Use this at the checkout in her ETSY store: BUYHANDMADE20.

Let me know your favourite piece from her store & your thoughts on her work!

Amy x

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*I do not own these pictures.

**This was a sponsored post.

Featuring: CraftiveLeather + FIRST GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be collaborating with Michael, the owner of CraftiveLeather who has allowed me host a giveaway for him (my first one EVER!). So stay tuned until the end for that – also there’s a prize for you whether you’re male or female!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what he’s about:

We love to create leather jewelry inspired on rustic and old look style but we love the most the idea of someone enjoying our items.
We design and create leather bracelets for men and women, leather pendants and rings from recycled materials. On our leather wristbands and pendants we use high quality genuine leather.
From us you will find raw, old look, rugged and rustic style of leather jewelry made with all our love and care!

As soon as I begun to browse his ETSY store I fell in love with the rustic, yet fashionable bracelets he creates. I am so excited to be branching out to a larger audience, in this case men! Men can actually read this post and gain inspiration without being overloaded with all makeup and girly stuff (shoutout to my male followers!).

I’ve picked my five favourite pieces from his shop to feature & show you all:

il_570xN.731102205_dmib il_570xN.733055328_eqbbPersonally, I think this is such a fashionable piece and is perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere! It captures the essence of Spring and will definitely add a little spice to an outfit as well as festivity.

il_570xN.733270771_q3eq il_570xN.718427799_h20wThis one is for my male readers which I think is extremely fashionable, yet versatile. I love the subtle detailing on the bracelet which makes it more interesting and edgy than just a plain wristband – perfect for a day in the city!

il_570xN.733107888_bj2jil_570xN.733279269_1uy8Here are two different bracelets with touch of denim – I think the touch of denim makes it look sophisticated, yet fun with the leather on the outside. The first one (NO3) gives off a more classy look, suitable for more important events where as the bottom one (N18) is more casual and perfect for a day out.

il_570xN.733128958_b971 I think this bracelet is captivating as it’s simplistic, yet stylish which would definitely add another element to your outfit & would definitely be grabbing some compliments.

il_570xN.725658061_a6x6 il_570xN.725526236_luk9This leather bracelet has a nifty aluminum plate attached to the middle which I believe is able to be customised to say whatever you please (how cool is that!). This bracelet captures the rustic, yet modern fashion style for men – one that I would definitely buy for my boyfriend!

So those are my favourite pieces from Michael’s store – and what’s more, they are all made from genuine leather and the whole store has FREE SHIPPING! Who doesn’t love that.

Check out his links:

Now on to the giveaway! The bracelet which you will win is either the first or second one I talked about, you can choose which one.

You can enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone – the giveaway is international and winner will be announced on 22th April on my twitter, please contact me within 48 hours otherwise a new winner will be chosen.


Amy x

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Featuring: Debra Lynn Meija

Hello everyone!

Today I’ve got a post featuring another ETSY shop: Debra Lynn Meija! She is a fellow blogger who also specialises in illustration and design – her ETSY shop is full of gift tags, post cards and paintings! I personally think they’re adorable and she is very talented, her work shows precision and is of high quality. Here are some works by her which are my favs (you can click on the title of each piece for a direct link to it in her shop):

Okay, so how cute is this post card? I just love the overall colour scheme and the perfume is amazing (sadly I don’t own it, but I have smelt it before, not to mention the packaging is gorgeous!). This is perfect for sending a post card or a gift to someone – you also get 10 in a pack with complimentary “pink lemonade” envelopes and pink ribbons as seen in the picture. This one is definitely my number one pick!

Ever in a dilemma of how to present & wrap presents nicely? (Story of my life.) These gift tags are cute and affordable. I love the illustration of the posh lady and even more so the birds eye view of a present behind her, which definitely accentuates the theme of the gift tags and just looks plain adorable.

Now onto the artworks:

I chose to feature this artwork (as well as the others) as they all would be perfect for decorating your vanity corner or even your room. I love the vibrant, eye-catching colours in this painting and definitely think it would add a little spice to your otherwise empty walled room.

This one would probably have to be my second favourite piece from Debra, as I am a nail fanatic – I absolutely love doing my nails and trying all the cool nail art out there (anyone else?). This work would look gorgeous above your nail polish cabinet/shelf (if you have one) or just anywhere around your room. I love how it has a variety of nail polish colours and just makes it fun to look at. These also are available separately, for example if you just wanted a painting of the red nail polish, it’s available in her store.

Lastly, a piece which truly show cases your love for makeup, especially lip sticks! This piece is cute and quirky, once again perfect for your vanity corner. I love the variety of colours depicted in the painting, which makes it aesthetic. These are also available in separate pieces.

If you’d like to purchase any of these of browse the rest of Debra’s wonderful work here are her links:

Also she has got an offer for the month of February, which offers free shipping to all US residents. The coupon code is: FREESHIP10.

Let me know which piece was your favourite!

Amy x

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* These pictures are not owned by me, they are owned by Debra Lynn Meija. This is a sponsored post.