“Man Bun” Trend?!


Hey guys!

So today I’ve got another trend post for y’all – these are one of my favourite types of posts to do. This post is going to be about… the “man bun”. Now, to be honest I absolutely despise this trend and think it looks horrific! The only “sort of” way this hair style looks nice to me is if the sides are shaved (you’ll see in some pictures below). I have never liked long hair on guys and think short, sleek hair looks much better, but that’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear your opinions on this trend! My own boyfriend begun to wear this a few months ago, but thankfully he cut his hair after letting it grow super long… except his hair grows lightning fast and we’re almost at the same stage again -_-.

Here are some pics of the trend:


So yeah, I think the ones with the shaved sides look OK but not on everyone – it also depends on your face and face shape I suppose! For me, I’d rather guys with sleek, shaved sides with a side swept fringe (so fussy, I know) but it ultimately doesn’t bother me ;). What are your thoughts on this trend – should it stay or go? Leave a comment/vote down below!

Amy x

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  1. The last guy pulls it off well. I think it depends on the person. It’s not my favorite trend, but I still wear mismatch socks so my opinion probably isn’t too important. 😂👌

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  2. I personally love long hair on guys,m and appreciate that it can get in the way at times so tying it up is a good option! The bearded guy second from last really pulls it off! I also don’t mind it being a bit messy, as I’m definitely a rocker and like rocker guys so I’ve got no issues with the trend at all!x

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  3. I have noticed it as well- it has really become a thing at the moment. I think its really nice, but it doesn’t suit all guys…. so guys…. please choose wisely..

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  4. I love this trend!😂 I have to agree, it doesn’t suit everyone but when it does, it looks faultless. Once there was these ambulance men to check on my nan (she’s fine) and one of the guys had a man bun and me and my sister went into the other room and were fangirling like young teenagers haha. Great post!

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  5. Personally I am a fan of the man bun! However, I feel that it only works for men with really long blonde, surfer dude, type hair. I think the little man bun…man nub would be a better term for it… is really stupid. It looks like the dude is trying so hard to fit into the fashion, but it just looks ridiculous. You either have the look for it, or you don’t. Those guys need to stop trying to go with the trend and just do what looks best on them!

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  6. I’ve been a shave it all off kind of guy for close to a decade now. I don’t have the patience to let it grow nearly long enough to do this but I think some that have it wear it well. Others… not so much.

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  7. Lol, loved this read. I love thoughts on trends.

    I did feel though to mention that most f the images here are all Top Knots, not Man Buns. The last image is a Man Bun, full head of hair, messy shaggy look, bun. Where as the top knot is specific to the center of the head and usually seen with shaved edges.

    Having said that I do NOT support the top knot, but LOVE the Man Bun.

    And who better to convince anyone of the Man Bun than this guy:

    https://instagram.com/brockohurn/ Okay in All fairness, this guy could convince us of ANYTHING……just look at him…….meh! 🙂

    Great post love, cant wait to read some more.


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      1. I know I did the same for so long and then someone was like…*excuse me* lol.

        Although, I must say I rock a bit of a top knot myself these days. Don’t ask what happened 🙂

        Meh, that guy though……..#ManBunForLife 🙂

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