“Kimono” Spring/Autumn Trend?!


Hello everyone!

Today I’ve got a post just in time for the spring time (sort of) for you guys in the northern hemisphere! It’s about the kimono trend, which is a sort of sheer cardigan that you can easily throw over your tops to give you some protection from the wind – perfect for the beach or a day out. This could also be perfect for those of you in autumn now (such as myself) on those days where it’s not freezing but not scorching hot. I think this trend is elegant, beautiful and definitely a must have fashion piece!

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Let me know your thoughts on this trend – leave a vote/comment down below! I personally dig it – it’s stylish yet cute.

Amy x

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  1. I love Kimonos! I think it makes any outfit effortless and so casual! I already own so many cuz they are so easy to just throw on, especially when you have something plain underneath. 😉

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  2. Hmmmmm ok so this trend was one that I was a little hesitant on as I initially thought that it was just an excuse to be sloppy and lazy. BUT I purchased a few and played around with them and simply fell in love because it almost feels like your wearing nothing – due to the light fabric and how ridiculously comfy they are and they are such great and easy pieces to play around with in my existing wardrobe. Therefore … final verdict: I need 5 more please haha!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

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