“Chokers” Trend?!


Hi guys!

Today I’ve got another trend post for y’all and it’s on chokers which have been growing in popularity lately. I think these necklaces give off a somewhat rebellious and ‘cool’ look, however they can also look quite sweet – it really depends on what type you’re wearing!

Here are some pics:

LePrettyStellar-in-French-Connection-Zara-Chromat-Tory-Burch-6 DSC_0853_original choker3

tumblr_mxmvjm3cwE1r8rlu7o1_500 choker-necklaces-13 6962c73a713240e888eb6d59b1350b9b_orig 2ltqeb-l 2cdc00d2269f29d97f617ccae261bc92

What are your thoughts on this trend? Would you wear it? Leave a comment/vote!

Amy x

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      1. I voted no. Why? Because it was trendy when I was quite small and was going to school. Black or the one glowing in dark. Everyone had such and there was also a bracelet in a set. It was cheap and cool that time. And now it looks childish to me. 🙂 Last one and the one with pearly beads are pretty but they are very different from those plastic one above.:)

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  1. I had rainbow colored ones that I wore when I was little. This defiantly brings back memories. Though I don’t know if I could pull this off nowadays…

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