Tips for Styling & Maintaining Your Hair!


Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post on tips for styling your hair. If you’re keen to see what they are please keep reading!

We all know that blow drying, styling can do a number on your precious locks, and hair that is of poor condition is notoriously difficult to style. So it’s a bit of a vicious circle. We do all of this stuff to get good hair, but it can actually damage our hair in the long run! So what can we do about it?

1. Regular Cuts


Okay, we all know that we should get regular cuts, but something always ends up getting in the way. Either we are too busy or we haven’t quite got the money to spend on getting those split ends trimmed. But this is a dangerous road! Miss ones appointment and you more likely to miss the next one. Then one after that and then you are that crazy lady at the bus stop, with hair past her bottom, because she that hasn’t had her hair cut for 30 years!

To prevent this nightmare scenarios, make and keep your regular appointments with your hairdresser. If you find it tough to get to a salon because you are too busy, why not employ the service of a mobile hairdresser? They mostly have salon quality training, but have decided to work in a freelance capacity, so they will come to you. They also often offer cheaper prices than the salons because they have less overheads to worry about.

2. Get familiar with your hair type


The next thing you need to realise is that not all hair is created equal. There are different type of hair and you need to be aware of what type yours is to get the best out of it. There is no point using a volume shampoo, if you hair is thick and unmanageable already. Sites like the Straight Hair Club are an excellent source of information on hair types and tips. They will help you identify what will work best for your hair from washing frequency to styling tools.

3. Moisture masks

Beautiful woman applying hair conditioner

There has been a lot in the media lately about hair moisture masks and oils and how they can help to repair damaged hair. While an oil treatment can help improve the shine and quality of your hair, they are most suited to thick and curly locks. This is because the shape of the hair can take more weight.  Whereas those with very straight or flyaway hair, adding more weight in the form of moisture can mean it’s hard to get body into and style.

4. Try not to dye


With the current trend of silver hair it seems like not many people are heeding this warning, but if you can, keep the dying of our hair to a minimum. Remember that hair is not alive (except at the root), so it doesn’t have the ability to repair itself. That means using harsh chemicals to strip or change the natural colour can cause damage that can only be solved by growing it out.

Hope you guys found these tips helpful and you did be sure to give this post a like! Have a great day guys.

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