Featuring: CraftiveLeather + FIRST GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be collaborating with Michael, the owner of CraftiveLeather who has allowed me host a giveaway for him (my first one EVER!). So stay tuned until the end for that – also there’s a prize for you whether you’re male or female!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what he’s about:

We love to create leather jewelry inspired on rustic and old look style but we love the most the idea of someone enjoying our items.
We design and create leather bracelets for men and women, leather pendants and rings from recycled materials. On our leather wristbands and pendants we use high quality genuine leather.
From us you will find raw, old look, rugged and rustic style of leather jewelry made with all our love and care!

As soon as I begun to browse his ETSY store I fell in love with the rustic, yet fashionable bracelets he creates. I am so excited to be branching out to a larger audience, in this case men! Men can actually read this post and gain inspiration without being overloaded with all makeup and girly stuff (shoutout to my male followers!).

I’ve picked my five favourite pieces from his shop to feature & show you all:

il_570xN.731102205_dmib il_570xN.733055328_eqbbPersonally, I think this is such a fashionable piece and is perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere! It captures the essence of Spring and will definitely add a little spice to an outfit as well as festivity.

il_570xN.733270771_q3eq il_570xN.718427799_h20wThis one is for my male readers which I think is extremely fashionable, yet versatile. I love the subtle detailing on the bracelet which makes it more interesting and edgy than just a plain wristband – perfect for a day in the city!

il_570xN.733107888_bj2jil_570xN.733279269_1uy8Here are two different bracelets with touch of denim – I think the touch of denim makes it look sophisticated, yet fun with the leather on the outside. The first one (NO3) gives off a more classy look, suitable for more important events where as the bottom one (N18) is more casual and perfect for a day out.

il_570xN.733128958_b971 I think this bracelet is captivating as it’s simplistic, yet stylish which would definitely add another element to your outfit & would definitely be grabbing some compliments.

il_570xN.725658061_a6x6 il_570xN.725526236_luk9This leather bracelet has a nifty aluminum plate attached to the middle which I believe is able to be customised to say whatever you please (how cool is that!). This bracelet captures the rustic, yet modern fashion style for men – one that I would definitely buy for my boyfriend!

So those are my favourite pieces from Michael’s store – and what’s more, they are all made from genuine leather and the whole store has FREE SHIPPING! Who doesn’t love that.

Check out his links:

Now on to the giveaway! The bracelet which you will win is either the first or second one I talked about, you can choose which one.

You can enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone – the giveaway is international and winner will be announced on 22th April on my twitter, please contact me within 48 hours otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

** THE WINNER IS KIRA BEAUMONT – http://seasonal-rose.com/ – CONGRATULATIONS!

Amy x

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