6 Ways To Weatherproof Your House

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The trouble with houses is that some people think they are indestructible. Sure, you can live in a home that is exceptionally well-built using only the finest of materials. But, when Mother Nature gets angry, she can wreak havoc on even the strongest of houses.

If you live in an area where you sometimes experience hurricanes and storms, you’ll know firsthand how the weather can cause a lot of property damage. You’re likely reading this blog post today because you’d like to see how you can weatherproof your home.

The following suggestions and tips will help you better protect your house in even the strongest or fiercest of weather conditions:

1. Make Your Roof Stronger

One thing you should always do, irrespective of what type of house you own, is to ensure that your roof is strong enough to withstand strong winds and hurricanes. It makes sense to have a roofing contractor check your roof and recommend improvements you can make.

For instance, you could have more robust roof tiles, and stronger wood battens and beams installed that won’t easily get uplifted by a strong gust.

2. Repair Your Walls

There’s no denying that wind and rain can severely damage the sides of houses. They can cause mortar between bricks to crumble and turn to dust, resulting in damp issues inside affected properties. The weather can also damage protective exterior wall coatings.

Every year, you should check the condition of your walls and make any necessary repairs to them. For example, this might mean scraping out the old mortar between your bricks and applying new mortar in its place.

3. Upgrade Your Windows And Doors

Has your exterior windows and doors seen better days? Are your heating costs sky-high in the winter because they let in a lot of cold air from outside? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, now’s the time to upgrade your windows and doors.

Depending on the type of house you own, it’s a good idea to invest in uPVC triple-glazed windows and doors for the ultimate in insulation, safety and security.

4. Install Window Protection

When a storm or hurricane approaches, you want to ensure that your windows have complete protection against the elements. The last thing you want is for flying debris to smash your windows and potentially injure anyone in your house.

Solutions like storm shutters provide excellent protection against some of the worst weather events Mother Nature can throw at you.

5. Repair Your Guttering

Did you know that if your guttering is broken or blocked, it can cause water to get inside your roof and potentially cause permanent damage to your ceilings and walls? That’s why you should conduct an annual inspection of your guttering and make any necessary repairs.

6. Fix Your Exterior Flooring

One final suggestion you should keep in mind is to fix your exterior flooring. If your concrete or asphalt floors have sustained damage, they can cause various problems ranging from trip and slip hazards to foundation damage due to water ingress.

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