Improving the Exterior of Your Home

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Right now, many of us are wondering how we can improve the look and feel of our homes. January is a great time to set resolutions and make plans for the twelve months ahead. Of course, when it comes to home redesign, many of us focus on our property’s interiors. Instead, why not turn your attention to the exterior of your house? This can help you to boost your curb appeal! If you haven’t heard the term before, curb appeal refers to how your home looks from the outside – ie. what others can see when standing from the curb. Not only can this help your home to look great for you every time you approach it from the outside, but it can boost your property’s value too! Here are just a few areas of focus you might want to add to your to-do list!

Gates and Fencing

Does the front of your home have gates or fencing? Now could be a good time to spruce them back up. For old gates, try using oil to prevent squeaking and give them a fresh lick of paint. Just make sure that you use wood or metal paint, depending on the material your gate is made from. When it comes to fencing, replace any broken panels and give this a fresh lick of paint too. Again, make sure to use the appropriate paint, such as wood paint.


The vast majority of us accept the windows that come with our home. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, you can always switch your windows for an alternative design. Whether that’s fitting larger windows to allow more natural light into your home or opting for different shaped windows, such as arched windows or round windows. Alternatively, you might want to consider Slidetrack outdoor blinds or shutters that can add an aesthetic appeal or serve the practical function of blocking out light from the outside.

Flowers and Plants

If you’re a keen gardener, it’s good to remember that you’re not limited to the flowerbeds out back. Instead, you can add flowers and plants to the front of your home too – even if you don’t have a large front yard. Almost any home can benefit from window boxes and climbing plants. Window boxes hang below your windows and can be filled with whatever plants you please. Climbing plants can be planted close to your walls and will generally grow up the walls. You may need to add some trellising to help and guide them. A final option is hanging baskets, which you can create yourself or buy ready-made.


Do you have a patio leading to your front door? Make sure that all slabs are even. If not, you can hire a professional paver who will be able to even them out. You may also need to pull weeds from between the slabs.

These are just a few different areas you might want to focus on. Hopefully, one or two will inspire you!

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