Applying Your Minimalist Design to the Outside of Your Home

Picture1.pngWhen people talk about minimalism, they usually refer to interior design. Clean furniture, zero clutter, neutral colours and simple but functional designs are the hallmarks of good minimalistic design. However, as much as we praise the style of being a mix of form and function with no compromise, we rarely think about minimalism on the outside of our homes. This is usually because minimalism is easier to apply when there is a lot of clutter in the home. The outsides of our home are usually free of clutter unless you have a large front and back yard.

So is it possible to give your home a complete minimalist makeover? Absolutely! With these following tips, we’ll help your minimalist design bleed out to the outdoors of your home and make your property look clean, fresh and beautiful

Update your siding

Siding on your home can quickly become dull, worn out or even damaged due to various environmental causes. As a result, it can make your home look nasty, worn and crumbling. Replace your siding with seamless panels that look smooth, clean and are coloured with something neutral. Try to match it with the insides of your home so that your property retains its minimalist look throughout. If you’re having trouble, then remember to call a contractor or ask a friend to give you a hand. Installing siding can be easy, but it’s unsafe to tackle alone and can lead to injuries if you don’t have someone to spot you on a ladder.

Border your property 

Fencing can add a drastic look to your property, but it’s important that you don’t overdo it or use traditional fencing. Since replacing or installing a new fence around your property can be daunting and a lot of work, use companies like to speed up the process and get fantastic advice on your situation. Bordering your property creates a clean aesthetic assuming you use colours and a design that mimics the rest of your exterior.

Add more windows 

Your house might look “loud” on the exterior because there are a lot of ridges, small roof sections and a variety of window shapes and sizes. You can create a minimalist look by taking entire walls down or installing more large, clean windows in your rooms. This isn’t an option available to everyone due to how expensive it can be or the structural problems that it can lead to. However, if you want to create a minimalist look, then it does involve rearranging the outdoor of your home as well as the indoors. Use this as a last resort if you need to make your exterior look a little cleaner.

Take care of the gardening 

Having too many plants is a bad thing if you’re aiming for that minimalist look. However, well-kept green lawns can add a nice touch of style to your minimalist designs, so take care of the gardening and make sure your lawn is at least mowed to keep it looking fresh. If you want some inspiration or ideas for a minimalist garden, take a look at this useful guide from You can obviously add a couple of plants here and there, but don’t overdo it and don’t let the plants grow out of hand to a point they’re creeping over footpaths and fences.

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